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And we’re back!

We’ve made it back home today, after a little over a week away.  We drove to Wisconsin, and toured Madison, Wisconsin Dells, House on the Rock, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee.  Sadly, we were called back a bit early when we got the news that my husband’s uncle had died suddenly.  We are dealing with that right now.

I managed to get the obligatory “knitting on the road” photo.

Those are my Monkey socks of course, and I did finish that one.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit big, but I’ve decided to finish the other sock for my Mother in law.

Wisconsin was really fun – we visited some touristy spots and learned a few new things

(my hatred for Ketchup is famous, so I loved the mustard museum!)

We saw cheese in unnatural shapes

We ate food that was really bad for us

We got to pet some deer

and stay on a lake

we also got to visit old friends in Milwaukee and meet our new niece, although I don’t have many pictures from those parts of the trip!  And of course there was knitting.  I made a mistake on the empire waist cardigan, and had to reknit the back twice, but it is finally finished and sewed together.  I’m working the skirt, which doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s getting there!

we also visted a yarn store – Lakeside fibers in Madison, which was just wonderful – large and well organized, with an attached coffee shop, just the way I like my yarn store.  I may have visited twice… I’m not saying!  I got a few things…

The yarn on the left is Smooshy sock yarn in Giant peach, which I have been wanting.  I got 2 balls of Rowan All Season cotton to make a crocheted hat from Kim Hargreaves new book (to the right, below.)  I have made her hats before, and they are always my favorites.  The yarn in the middle is cascade 220 – 3 skeins of charcoal gray and 3 other colors (the 2 greens are not the same, but they are similar… I wanted the yellow/tan to stand out.)  I’m going to turn them into a crocheted cardigan (to the left below.)

I’m feeling like crocheting something soon!  My Mom took care of the cats while we were away, but they were lonely… here is Sarah Jane pretending not to care we are home.

21 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Sounds like a lovely trip! Those pancakes are just obscene. I agree with the ketchup statement as I was an avid mustard-eater when I was a kid. Ketchup is overrated.

    Isn’t Dream in Color yarn just addictive? I’ve bought 4 skeins of different colors of the Classy within the last month because I’m so obsessed with it. I’ll be interested to see how you like the Smooshy, I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my list!

    P.S. I love Sarah Jane, she’s so cool. May I ask if you named her in reference to the Doctor Who character? I love me some Doctor Who.

  2. Hi there, so nice to have you back:) I am interested to see how the new cardigan turns out. I haven’t caved to the monkey socks yet, but am finishing the second of Anna Bell’s Elfine. I am using some variegated Sweet Georgia Yarn in Snapdragon, and I have to admit that variegated yarn is not the best choice for a lace pattern… knit and learn!

  3. What a lovely vacation! (Though I’m a ketchup AND mustard person myself, provided each is used properly.) Beautiful yarn, and beautiful kitty to come home to!

  4. I am always arguing with my kids about their excessive use of mustard. But they tell me it’s better than ketchup – no sugar at least! I have shown them your photo from the mustard museum ;o)

  5. First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s uncle. That is so hard, especially when it’s sudden.

    I love the speckles of colour in the sock yarn…what yarn is that again? Also…pink sky?

    Those two patterns make me really wish I could crochet (the left and right are backwards, by the way, not that I couldn’t figure out which was a hat and which was a cardigan!)

    Ah, I miss having a cat around to pretend to hate me!

  6. I have the same feelings about ketchup and a profound love of mustard. Unnaturally shaped cheese is another love.

    My condolences for your husband’s uncle.

  7. Oh, Madison…

    I lived there until about a year ago, had to move away for work. I never realized how great a place it was for knitters since I didn’t start until after I moved away. I’m planning to check out Lakeside Fibers on my next trip back.

  8. I lived in Madison for many years, but I never made it to the Mustard Museum! Sounds like you had a good trip. Lakeside Fibers is one of my favorite shops, esp. with the coffee and the lake view.

  9. I like how the sky is pink in the sock picture. It’s very psychedelic.

    Also, I wanted to say that I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy your pictures, commentary, and analysis of patterns!

  10. That hat does look really cute… I adore hats. I just might have to try it out…

    Glad you’re back and that you had a great trip!

  11. Welcome back! I’m sorry about your husband’s uncle. It’s always hard to lose a family member.

    I just finished reading “American Gods.” The House on the Rock plays a prominent role in it; I didn’t realize it was a real place.

  12. I always enjoy your posts, and your projects. Sorry to hear about your uncle…
    the crocheted cardi is too cute–what, who, where to get the pattern?

  13. Sounds like a great trip! Who knew there was a mustard museum!

    PS – Is that your husband holding your kitty in the last picture? (I love seeing pics of people’s partners…)

  14. I’m sorry to hear about the death in the family. Hope your family is doing OK. It looks like you had a fun trip up to then! Lakeside Fibers is so fantastic, right? And the weather is great right now.

    I spy the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum–where is the deer petting place, though? It looks like someplace I want to visit.

  15. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle-in-law.

    I love the look on Sarah Jane’s face! She really has a lot of personality.

    I like the hat, but what is up with Kim Hargreaves and the short shorts? 🙂

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