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Inching closer

In more ways than one. I have  been working on Blithe a lot, and the back is nearly complete!

My tension could be more even, but it’s one of those things I don’t worry about – I knit with one smaller needle when possible, but this baby is knitting up on the smallest needles I own!  I like the pattern in general.  My only gripe is a common one with Kim Hargreaves patterns – the directions are written in a very “row by row” fashion, with no measurements given, which I dislike.  I added a waist decrease set, so I got confused over whether I was knitting to the correct length or not.  I finally figured it out from the armhole depth, but the schematic could definitely use some actual measurements to be useful.

I had a new student today, and hopefully several new students over the next few days.  I have been advertising, and it seems to be working, though of course with private teaching you have a fair amount who either don’t show up for the first lesson or flake out pretty quickly.  I figure I am halfway to my goal number or so.  Today was great – I got to get up, clean the house a little, and teach for 4 hours or so.  I do not find teaching stressful, and I generally like my students… and since I teach both voice and piano I don’t find that it gets repetitive.   When Marc came home he fixed dinner, something he’s going to be doing a fair bit.  He’s such a great cook – look what he made!

Then we walked up to the local coffeeshop, got some decaf to go, and took a really long way getting back, looking at the pretty houses in our neighborhood and being amazed at the number of cats around!  So it was a good day, and one I’m hoping to repeat in the future.  Happy cinco de mayo to everyone!