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Decision made

The consensus was for either Jasmine or Blithe, and it was pretty evenly split.  I decided on Blithe, because it looks a little more interesting to knit.

I’m using 4-ply cotton, a yarn which I am unbelievably sad has been discontinued.   I do not consider either the new Milk cotton (too limp) or siena (slightly heavier and shiny) to be real subs for this – the only 4-ply matte cotton I have found that I like.  I like Siena too, but I can’t get 4-ply gauge with it.  I love this color too, which is slightly lighter and grayer than it looks here.   I had trouble getting an accurate photo – perhaps the blinginess of my nailpolish is distracting my camera!  I am inordinately proud of my nails right now… my entire life I had have a bad OCD habit of picking at my cuticles until they bled.  A few months ago I decided I wanted to stop, but it was so hard… until I realized that keeping my nails painted all the time prevents me from doing it, because it messes up the polish.  So now I polish them a few times a week, and I’m not longer embarrased by my hands!  I can’t have long nails because of piano of course, but one of the advantages of having giant  hands is that even short nails tend to look pretty long.

Still not quite right, but closer.  I can’t wait to get started!

We are in the midst of Kentucky Derby season here, and my neighborhood is insane – all the crazies are out, and I am hibernating (I did go to the neighborhood art fair this afternoon, and that was super fun, though the weather was really hot.)  I can also share with you all that I am trying to build up my teaching studio, in the hope of teaching full time by fall.  I auditioned for the Opera chorus this week, and I’m hoping the be in the chorus for La Traviata this fall, which I also think would be something super fun to do.  So overall – things are looking much brighter than they did a few weeks ago, and I have things to look forward to – spending next weekend with my Mom (an outlet mall trip, and then landscaping my back yard) and our trip to Wisconsin in a month to meet our new niece (her name is Sarah, and I haven’t knit anything for her yet, believe it or not – I am stuck on what to make!)

Thanks for sticking by me through my depression – I hope you are all right, and that the changes turn out to be a good thing!