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What’s coming up?

Thanks for the kind words on my sweater – it is not such a tragedy, I don’t think!  I’m trying to figure out what I want to knit next.  One of my goals this year has been to not stash sweater yarn, because then I have to use it up, with occasionally bad results when I try too hard to make it work.  I’m doing pretty well – I have some wools still, but most of my cottons have been cleared out, so anything I make just about needs yarn (um… darn.)

First, the sweaters in my queue I do have yarn for:

Actually, I only have yarn for either Jasmine or Blithe (2nd and 3rd photos) and I can’t decide which one I like more (and which will look nice in purple.)  I bought yarn for dawn (1st sweater) and then got frustrated swatching the stitch pattern, but I’m willing to give it another try.  The last two sweaters are from a Classic elite book that I don’t own, but I’m planning to buy it.  I think the first might be nice in silky wool, since I still have several colors of that, and I consider it an all season yarn – I don’t find it warm.  I admittedly would have to buy yarn for the other, but I’m still not 100% on getting the book… I don’t think I can find it locally so I would have to order it (there aren’t any local stores that sell Classic elite are there?)

I’m also feeling a real crochet urge, and planning to purchase Blueprint Crochet, which I didn’t get when it came out because I wasn’t in a summery mood, and to me crochet it for warm weather.

Cute, right?  And the yarn it calls for is discontinued, and therefore really cheap!  I want to make the capelet on the right (from Interweave crochet) really badly, but I keep reminding myself that I will feel self-conscious in it and never wear it out… I never wear my other capelet, even though I loved making it and think it’s beautiful.

Even more Kim Hargreaves designs I haven’t gotten to yet… Sunlit (1st) is beautiful on Ravelry, but totally forgettable modeled here.  I want to use a soft cotton, but probably not the purelife organic called for in the pattern (I don’t care for the  colors, and it is too much for me to pay for cotton.)   I think I want to make Frankie (the boyfriend cardigan) out of a soft merino, so I’m saving it for fall.  Wispy (on the right) is one I have wanted to make since the kit came out, but I dislike Summer Tweed intensely, yet cannot find a reasonable sub.  I’m thinking of using Classic Elite Classic Silk, which I have used before – it has a similar nubby texture and silk content, and can knit up at the pattern gauge – plus it won’t kill my hands, as trying to get 18 st/4 in out of summer tweed would.

Finally, there are my two must knits from the upcoming IK… Laura’s cardigan and Connie’s design.

But I’m going to be rather boring and probably stick to the called for yarns (I would change the color of the 2nd… Blue sky skinny cotton comes in a  pretty blue green I’ve been dying to use.)

So what to make?  I am seriously totally puzzled on this one.  I’m not feeling so well either (I have terrible allergies and I have singing to do tomorrow) so I can’t make a decision… maybe tomorrow!