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Summer previews already

It doesn’t seem as though Summer will be here fairly soon, since I don’t think we’ve actually had any spring yet (today was nice though!)  So I was surprised when I saw previews for the new issues of Knit.1 and Interweave Knits.

Knit.1 seems to be taking a nice new path – you know, one where I actually would like to knit from their patterns.  I haven’t yet bought the spring/summer Vogue, and I’m not sure I’m going to – there just isn’t anything I see myself making.  One of the stories is knit in white tones too, and I have to tell you that nothing makes me ignore patterns faster than being knit in white.  I don’t know why… I think it’s too hard to make out details and I’m not fond of white anyway.

Knit.1 has some really cute sweaters this time.

I especially love that cardigan – no surprise, right?  But I’m kind of digging short sleeve turtlenecks right now too.  This issue also has some nice socks (hard to see in the preview) and some home items.

The new Interweave looks to be an issue that will divide people (but really, what issue isn’t?)  I like it loads better than last summer’s issue, even if every pattern isn’t for me.

These two are my favorite – Laura’s cardigan by Annie Modesitt and Ribbons and Lace by Connie Chang Chinchio.  Both are knit from yarns I love (Brown sheep cotton fine and Blue Sky skinny cotton.)  And they are cardigans that don’t look exactly like something I would buy at the store.  I want to make Laura’s cardigan in those colors – how gorgeous is the combo?  I’ve never knit an Annie Modesitt pattern, in spite of owning one of her books, but this is calling my name.

I will say that sizing on some of the sweaters puzzles me… I am no fan of positive ease, but I can understand it for certain styles.  But why does the Stanwyck sweater have a 40 1/4 inch bust as a small?

I wonder if that takes into account the lacing or ribbing or what… because anything with 7″ of ease is going to fall off me, but I think this model is about my size based on her other photos.  I don’t know if I would make this anyway – I like the vintage style, but sometimes sweaters with high ribbing like that aren’t flattering on me.   I will have to wait and see!

I love the Akomeogi Tunic, but I do wonder whether it is something I could pull off.  The elemental Boatneck (right) is a great basic with a twist.  It is knit in linen stitch, which is not a favorite of mine, but I really like the easy style.

11 thoughts on “Summer previews already

  1. LoL at the stonewash jeans pic!!

    I have to say none of those patterns appeal to me at all. I bought the Spring IK and there are lots I would like to make , but nothing you have here jumps out at me. Perhaps when the mag finally makes it over here (say in about 6 months time …sigh) there might be something in it that appeals. We’re heading into winter now so its hard to get excited about summery stuff. Also, what is up with the hair on that model??!! I can’t get past that really bad styling to even look at the knitting.

    Glad you are feeling better now. I am sure the job thing will work itself out in the end xx

  2. That hair is pretty frightful!

    The Stanwyck sweater is my favorite of those, but I bet it would have a lot of tugging – that ribbing is bound to ride up (sigh – don’t ask how I know). It’s already bulging in the lace section on the model… Although with 7″ of positive ease, I guess it probably wouldn’t ride up! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know the previews were up – you are always my source for that information as you always seem to be on top of that! Totally agree on Knit.1 going in a direction that is actually cute (who’d have thought?) – love the designs in the middle and right side that you pictured (but I’m a pullover girl.) I really liked some of their designs last issue too – Habanero, for one, which I knit. Interweave…um, I have to go check out the preview. I’ve been underwhelmed by them lately.

  4. I love the Knit.1 preview. I felt the same way about Vogue – white knits in magazines really turn me off, too. They just look plain and … out-dated?

    There are a few things I like in the new Knits preview, like the two first ones you posted about. I’m not sure about this issue but I’ll wait until it arrives in my mailbox. I think there are a few others that have potential…

    I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂 Life seems pretty hectic for everyone this time of year no matter what you’re doing!

  5. i don’t care for patterns knit in white, either. BORING!!!! i love color, so i usually ignore those patterns as well 🙂

  6. Thanks for the preview!

    It was so hot here yesterday that all the neighborhood kids came over and jumped in our (unheated) pool. It’s supposed to be 91 degrees here today. I don’t know what happened to spring, either.

  7. I really like a lot of the patterns int he upcoming Knit 1, too. The summer Interweaves are never what I consider to be their highlight issue (Their fall issues are always phenomenal, though) but there are definitely some great things. I love that Ribbons and lace cardi, too!

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