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Bubbles progress and new Kim!

The Soap Bubble sweater is comng along really well!  This is the left front.  My yarn sub is working out great (I love the Lion Brand bamboo cotton, highly recommended) although my row gauge is ever so slightly off.  I am trying to compensate for this – it’s rare that I run into row gauge issues since my row gauge is inevitably 7 rows/in (as it is here) but for once the pattern calls for a slightly larger row gauge.  It will work out I’m sure.  It would probably give a neater edge on the garter stitch to slip the first stitch, but I can’t be bothered.  I am using a smaller needle on the purl rows here, and I think it’s really helping out my tension.  I can’t wait for this to be finished – it’s going to be so lovely and springy!

Kim Hargreaves has released her Spring/Summer book “Breeze” today.  If you read my blog you are well aware of how I love her designs, and this is no exception!  My favorites are below.

It’s wonderful when you find a knitwear designer who really exemplifies your own personal aesthetic.  For many people I know that designer is Norah Gaughan, but I find her designs (while undeniably gorgeous) too out there from my style.  There are others I love, but Kim Hargreaves is always from number one! One of the things I love about Kim’s designs is the way she can translate current trends into something that is still classic and flattering.  I think the first two sweaters above are great examples of that.   I love both the boyfriend style cardigans and the drapey cardigans that have abounded in stores lately, but I was worried about looking too “juniors dept,” you know?  I trust Kim’s design aesthetic, and that neither of these sweaters (which I plan to make) will make me look like I’m trying too hard.  She has also designed the only versions of the slouchy hat trend that I can wear, so I’m planning to make both the hats above (the green is crochet and is love, the other is knitted.)  There are several designs from her previous collections such as Blithe (2nd from last.)  I really wanted to make this when it came out, and now I think I shall (out of some lovely 4-ply cotton I have stashed.)  I seriously want to make nearly everything in this collection.  There aren’t too many 4-ply designs in this one, so I’ll have a chance – I can’t wait to get my copy (you know I ordered one, right?  Even though it costs more to order from the UK?)

19 thoughts on “Bubbles progress and new Kim!

  1. I just bought Nectar from my LYS last weekend and have her other books. I’ll need this one too! Love Kim Hargreaves — totally adore her style.

  2. Also, I’m so happy they let the cover model smile in this book! She looked so bereft in “Heartfelt”. 😛

  3. I do that trick with using different sized needles for knitting and purling, too! I am a very tight knitter and when knitting stockinette in the round, I have to put a smaller tip on the left side so I can move the stitches! 🙂

    Bubbles is looking great!

  4. Robin recommended your blog to me, as a fellow sweater knitter (though I am nowhere near as fast as you two). Your new bubble sweater looks great so far, though I am biased because I love anything pink.

    I’m not familiar with Kim Hargreaves’ patterns, so I’ll see if I can find them at my LYS. My current two favorites are French Girl and Louisa Harding’s Dauphine book.

  5. hello,i was really excited when i saw your capelet.your work is fantastic! i leave in greece and ihave been looking for so long to find a pattern and instructions for making a capelet that old fashion piece.i don’t know if it’s known but it used to be called with the gerund of the french verb for read that means the garmentfor my country we used to have it as a piece in our to wear in bed when we had a baby and we had to stay in bed for some days and 40 days please if you can give some advice like where i can find the instructios and the pattern.ishould be grateful.sorry for my english.

  6. sorry i forgot the word dowry in the last post..i wanted to say we used to have it as apiece in our dowry

  7. The last pattern I finished was Enchant from Nectar. Kim is one of my favorites, too. Looks like she’s cranked out another winner. BTW, your work is always divine.

  8. Hi, don’t feel bad about ordering from UK – it is often cheaper, especially with the current exchange rate. I actually checked it out yesterday and assuming the price of Breeze in the US is the same as Nectar you will most likely save yourself some money!

  9. I love Bubbles!

    I’m a bit disappointed with the new Kim… looks like she’s reused some of her older designs… I’m always sad when a designer I like doesn’t do something new and innovative, you know? That’s also the reason I don’t buy the new Debbie Bliss mag, all of the designs in there look like stuff she’s done before.

  10. Love your bubbles cardigan! What a fantastic Spring color!

    I have never heard of Kim Hargreaves until now. I will definitely take a look on my next trip to my lYS:) It looks like she has beautiful designs.

  11. I read your blog every day and was just wondering if you’re ok as you’ve not been around for a while. Hope everything is alright with you and look forward to reading the next installment. Take care.

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