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I promise a finished cardigan soon – I am on the last sleeve!  The most interesting part about this sweater is that the buttons are knitted into the sweater, a new experience for me!

I wonder if the stitches will get stretched out, but I do love how easy this is to accomplish.

Spring appeared here this past weekend, and in its honor I got myself a new haircolor/cut

Ok so maybe brown hair isn’t in honor of spring so much… but I do love it!   One of my frustrations with the red has been that it limits the colors you can wear (or knit with) so I decided to try brown for awhile, at least til I get tired of it!

Progress is still a little slow… I have been doing a lot of thinking about things (nothing bad, don’t worry) and it takes all my energy.  Hopefully I will have an FO soon!

17 thoughts on “Finishing

  1. How beautiful! I love the new color & cut of your hair. It looks great. I dye my hair dark brown for ages and I am really happy with it. I also love the color of your nail polish.
    I have never heard about knitting buttons into a sweater. Sounds interesting. I am sure your green millefiori cardi will look great on you. Can’t wait to see it finished! I am afraid my so called spring cardigan (and first cardigan ever) is getting a disaster … maybe too short and I am not sure if I like it anymore. 😦 But I have learned a lot from my mistakes.
    Hope you are thinking about great things or maybe plans in your life. I am also thinking a lot (but not only about positive things) and I guess I have to change a lot in my life. This year will be the year of changes … at least I hope so. 😉
    Best wishes and have a wonderful (knitting) time. Eva

  2. Love your new hair. I went for a new style for spring as well. Got my firat ever fringe! It’s really nice to have a change.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished cardigan.

  3. WIN!!!! The new hair color suits you so well. That’s a keeper.

    Funny you should mention knitted in buttons – and here I thought I’d come up with something new….

  4. LOVE the brown hair on you. I think it is perfect with your complexion!

    Can’t wait to see your next (masterpiece) sweater.

  5. The “new” hair is beautiful! I really like the shade of lipstick you’re wearing too–very pretty. Share the shade? I too like a change for spring, and that usually means going a little darker with the color as well. Can’t wait to see the finished cardy which will look fabulous on you. You always produce the most amazing knits with such beautiful, bright colors.

  6. Oh I love that colour for you! Beautifully rich – very lovely! I’m so intrigued by the buttons too, look forward to seeing the FO 🙂

  7. Great haircut, and I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award – I love your crafty posts.

    And the beer/clamato one. Seriously, I can imagine my fiance doing the same thing, to my horror.

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