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Clam stitching…

I’ve finished the back and one sleeve of the Millefiori cardi.  This is usually the point in a cardigan where I start getting annoyed, so hopefully I can slog on through!

The clam stitch, which makes up the lacy rows, is a super annoying one.  Anything that involves this line “K5tog without dropping stitches from left needle, YO 2x, P5tog, YO 2x, rep til you want to stab your eye out) is not my friend.  The whole time I was thinking “this would look nicer and be easier in crochet.”  Oh well though – the yarn is still lovely, and I am enjoying it, though my tension is not the most even (always a problem with bamboo.)  Tonight I hope to finish one of the fronts… I have the Love Boat season 2 waiting for me (don’t laugh, I love it in a totally non ironic way!)

Spring patterns continue to appear.  The Spring Twist collective was unveiled this week, and I’m not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed that only one pattern appeals to me.

This is primrose path, by Angela Hahn.  I usually love her designs, but I haven’t knit one yet – could this be the one?  My only worry is the neckline, which is hard to see in the photos.  I have a theory that scoop necks either need to be very high or relatively low to not look matronly on me.  This one could be like that, but I will wait and see some FOs.  I also quite like Kat Coyle’s Ardent Jacket.

I don’t think it’s very springy though, so I’m not interested now… maybe in the fall.  I also like the Cherry Fizz scarf by Kate Gilbert, but I have a similar pattern already saved.  Other than that, there seem to be a lot of baby and men’s patterns, which I don’t have a use for, and the other women’s patterns would not flatter me.  I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed!  I love the Spring Interweave so much, and that seemed to be controversial, but I have plenty of patterns lined up.  I’m also still waiting for Kim Hargreaves’ summer book, due out some time this month.

Other than that, I’ve just been working – seems things are extra busy right now, and I’m probably picking up an extra day of teaching.  I’m a little stressed and in need of a break – we will be traveling through Wisconsin and Minnesota in May sometime for a few weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that – we will visit Marc’s sister and the baby, as well as a few friends he still has in Wisconsin (plans include Madison, Mikwaulkee, and the Twin Cities)

My husband, by the way, may be the only man who could see this product in the store and be convinced he needed to try it.

I don’t know if you can tell – my camera seemed horrified – but that is a can of bud light mixed with clamato (which is itself clam juice and tomato together.)  I’m not sure words can express precisely how terrible this mixture was.  Should you see this in your local liquor superstore I can only recommend running the other way.

A new vintage book is coming soon, so look out for that!