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Spring is springing (at 35 degrees)

Ok, so it’s sort of cold here, but at last I have some spring patterns to knit!

I bought all three of books/mags at my LYS today.  I haven’t knit a stitch in 5 days, I’ve been in such a funk about it still being winter and not having any new spring patterns to start on yet.  That is very unlike me, but now I’m finally feeling better!

I immediately dug through my stash and found yarn for as many projects as possible.

I may knit the Dimishing Rib cardigan first.  It’s knit in one piece, and it looks like a good transitional sweater.  I am puzzled by the lack of closure, but I am not bothered – I have a huge collection of vintage brooches, and one of them will look great closing the sweater (only at the neck.)  The yarn is Reynolds Cricket, a wool/tencel blend.  I bought it last fall, but the color was too springy for me to use in the dead of winter.  According to Ravelry it has been discontinued.  We will see how I like using it, but the gauge is perfect at least!

This is the Millefiore Cardigan.  I’m planning on using this bright green Ella Rae Bamboo Silk, which I love.  I should have enough for the smallest size, and since I expect bamboo to stretch I don’t mind that it’s a little small.  This is also a nice transitional piece.

At first I found the whisper cardigan puzzling – what is up with the wispy fronts?  But I really want to use up this yarn, and it looks easy.  I am unclear on the weight of the yarn used in the pattern, since I believe it is slightly thick/thin, but I’m using laceweight (knitpicks shadow… I think this color is discontinued?  I’ve had it for ages.)

This is my impractical knit of the season.  I have few occasions where I don’t need to be wearing sleeves (either because of a conservative workplace or because I’m always cold!) but I don’t care.  The construction (knitting the petals separately) looks tricky.  I don’t care.   I love the way this thing looks, and I’m making it out of this teal Rowan wool cotton even if I only wear it  once or twice a season.

This is Cari, from the Lenpur Lenin collection by Rowan.  All the designs are by Sarah Hatton.  I initially hesitated on buying the book, thinking she was the author of Vintage Knits, a book which I owned and really didn’t like, but it seems that was Sarah Dallas, whose designs for Rowan I also generally do not like.  I love Sarah Hatton’s designs, and there is a lot to recommend this book.  The designs are all wearable, and fashion forward without being over the top.  I prefer it to the new Rowan Magazine a whole bunch.  This is my favorite from the book, and I’m planning to use Ella Rae Silkience (as an aside, I really like Ella Rae yarns – great values for what you get, and more durable than you would think!)  The color is a medium brown, I know it’s hard to tell from the photo! The knit nook actually had the Lenpur linen yarn.  I think it’s overpriced (about $10 a ball) and that it feels very much like a cotton/tencel blend to me, which is why I’m going with this yarn (I think it contains Rayon, though I’m too lazy to check now, and all these fibers are very similar.)

Finally, I bought the Berroco book that is dedicated to Mica.  I’m going to knit this sweater using Debbie Bliss Cathay (in teal, a theme for me this year apparently.)  I felt Mica in the store, and I’m not sure what to think of it – it feels soft and slippery, but it is also textured.  It’s pricey, so I’m happy with my sub, though it is not textured and will look somewhat different.

Whew… that’s it for now!  I also like the tunic from the new IK and the Silk Cocoon Cardigan, but I don’t currently own yarn for either of those, and I’m not allowed to buy any more until I use up the yarn I just bought (for the Soap Bubble wrap.)  I did end up ordering the lion brand cotton bamboo – I ordered extra, in case I need to make a size up, and it was still super cheap.  I got cherry blossom, described as a “blush pink.”  I am firmly in the camp that redheads can wear pink, so I hope it’s a shade I like (I thought a pink cardigan sounded lovely for spring.)

Tonight I will get to swatch after dinner (I’m making a nice mushroom pasta.)  This was a light Thursday for me – I had a staff meeting but no lessons, so I’m glad to be feeling better!  Sorry for anyone who I haven’t gotten back to lately – I’ve been super busy (we are now renting out our condo, and I spent a good portion of time lately showing it and then getting the lease details worked out,) plus I have been in sort of a funk.  Hopefully I’m better now!

20 thoughts on “Spring is springing (at 35 degrees)

  1. Lovely spring knits! We’re in the midst of a winter storm again… I’m more then ready for spring weather and knitting.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Be well and happy knitting!!

  2. I think that whisper shrug/cardi from IK is actually one of my favorites from the new issue. It looks like they knit a lace or fingering weight yarn into a sport gauge, so it will be very airy and breezy.

    I actually own the Sarah Dallas Vintage Knits book, and I think I should gift it or re-sell it on Amazon because UGH. Everything is all over-sized and totally misses the point of vintage style! I tried making the camisole on the cover several years ago and it turned out so loose and sloppy and horrible I frogged it and made something else.

  3. I keep looking at that Petals tank, thinking, “Yeah!… er, no… er, maybe.” I’ve seen it in several places, and every time it looks like compression bandages. I think it’s the color. In a brighter color, maybe I’ll finally see the petals.

  4. So many lovely knits to look forward to! I’m finishing off a pair of mittens to see me through the rest of winter and then it is on to the springy things!

  5. Wow! From one extreme to the other! I admire your ability to throw yourself into a whole season of knitting, arming yourself with materials and driving through your itinerary with such passion! I am so much more indecisive and can only think ahead to one or two projects at the most and it is so inhibiting – tsk!

  6. Like you, I am always cold, so often when I wear tanks, I wear them over a lightweight fitted tee (Victoria’s Secret has some great ones with Spandex). I always buy the long sleeved ones even for Summer). Most people say that the look is very stylish and looks great with my fitted jeans.
    Just a suggestion.

  7. Okay, if I were half as organized as you are I’d be a happy camper. I love this post and the idea of taking a photo of the yarn next to the pic of the pattern. Whisper and Cari are my favorites. Keep us updated on your progress!

  8. Some very good picks, what a wonderful thing to think about on a cold February day. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!
    Anne in Calgary

  9. Those are all beautiful patterns, I can’t believe you have them all on your list to do. It would take me years to get through all them! I’m still waiting for IK, I thought it wasn’t out til Feb 24th, but subscribers will probably get it sooner?

  10. Impressive lineup. Someday I hope to be able to knit sweaters like you do. They always seem to fit you so well and you’re so fast!

  11. First time to have read your blog. Enjoyed the way you take pictures. Love your choices. Just went though the Interweave Knits. I like Delphine think it would be great with a long or short sleeve tee. The Millefiori Cardigan I was thinking of exchanging the lace and the ribbing placement to get a softer look not sure?? The Petal Halter I think would make you look taller. It is a cool style. Red heads can wear it all. They have the additude to pull off anything. Just bought Retro Knits and fitted knits I like them both. Hope you are getting to knit more and are feeling better. Zoey

  12. I am currently in love with the diminishing rib number myself, closure or no closure, it’s just such a sweet cardigan…

    I’ll have to check back to watch your progress!

    Happy knitting-

  13. I just found your blog after doing a random search for knitting blogs. You have fabulous taste I think because it is very similar to mine. Ha!
    I love the Cari cardigan and the pink one from the Berroco Mica book. I am really looking forward to seeing your progress.
    I am also wondering in what part of the do country you live? I am in Orlando, FL but I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and your picts of the ice reminds me of home. Beautiful, but slippery and dangerous!

  14. Hi there–just stumbled onto your blog and I’m glad I found it! Could you point me in the direction of the pattern for the tulip/petal tank you were thinking of doing in teal Rowan wool cotton? I can’t decipher the title of the pattern/pattern book from the picture. Thanx in advance for your help!
    Linda in Denmark

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