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Cardigan love

I’ll have to go against the traditional knitter’s wisdom and name spring as my favorite season.  This is mostly because I hate cold weather, and I love cardigans.  Spring pattern books and magazines are always filled with great cardigans.  This Spring’s Interweave Knits is no exception.  Last Spring’s issue was my favorite ever, and after a few disappointing issues (I did like Winter pretty well) they are back to good form!

The first (the Millefiore cardi) is my favorite.  I have some Bamboo Silk that  might work for it (in green of course!) but I will have to swatch to see.  The diminishing rib cardigan is great as well (it’s the 3rd pictured, also the cover.)  I don’t understand the lack of closure, but I think a vintage cardigan clip would look really pretty.  I have a nice aqua tencel blend (Reynold’s Odyssey) that might work.  I love the two wrap sweaters, both by Connie, and might make one (the purple one is a better shape for me.)

There are also two sweaters that are more summery that I love.

Seriously, that tank is gorgeous.  I have some teal Rowan wool cotton that it would be lovely in.  Of course, I did say no tanks, but this is so, so lovely that I will not try to resist… besides, I have to use up that stash, right?  The tunic is very Kim Hargreaves-esque I think (I am a sucker for unneccessary buttons, I tell you!)  I do not have stash yarn that would work, but that’s ok!

It was 60 degrees here today, although the 4 inches of ice on our front steps continues to not melt.  Even so, I couldn’t face my woolie sweater in progress, so I distracted myself by going vintage shopping on my day off.  I got a pretty tray mirrored vanity tray from the 50s, and I saw a few old knitting magazines, but nothing I felt that I needed.

The blooming cardigan is slow going, I won’t lie to you… I am so ready for spring, it’s getting hard to touch tweedy wool, lovely though it is.  I’ll just have to buckle down and finish, and watch some quality tv shows!

18 thoughts on “Cardigan love

  1. I’m digging the preview too. I especially love all the shawls! I’ve pretty much given up on winter and have started knitting springy things. I’m so over winter right now, and we’re having some nice spring-like temperatures so it works out nicely.

    I LOVE cardigans, I always always wear them, even in the summer.

  2. everyone seems so in love with this issue… i don’t know, i have my doubts. the way the model is standing for diminishing rib, i think something must be seriously wrong with it. i adore the petal tank but again, with the way that girl is standing… the only one i have faith in is the tunic, and melissa is a fantastic designer. i don’t know; i guess i’ve been burned by poorly-fitting IK designs too often!

  3. The petal tank is interesting in the picture here, but in the up close pictures on the Interweave site it looks more like the model has been wrapped in compression bandages. Maybe it’s the color…

  4. Thanks, Jess, for the shout out to my two designs in the issue. I still fall in the trap of designing what I like to wear and like you, I’m a cardigan girl through and through. They’re just so versatile. Any of these designs though would look fantastic on you though and given your mad prolific knitting skills, I have no doubt, we’ll be seeing some FOs on your blog soon 🙂

  5. I can not stay out in this cold weather! Good thing my kids are still too young, too to be outside so then I don’t look like the party pooper. I have a couple more years to get used to it. I grew up in a country where we say it’s cold when the temp is 76degrees.

    And I luv, luv spring! My mom who have probably used jeans about twice in her life, used to always ask me why I never wore skirts. But spring brings out the skirt-kinda-girl in me. And of course these knitted numbers are as romantic!

  6. Ah sweet spring! Thanks for the preview. I’m excited to make a skinny-yarn cardi now! The diminishing rib cardi seems a bit awkward with that cold belly look, but seems like it would be easy to make it close all the way down.

  7. I love when you provide your magazine reviews. It gives me a heads up on what’s going on in the greater land of knitting. Besides, like you I love knitting cardigans, don’t understand short sleeved sweaters, and am kind of undecided on socks. Oh, and – I like green! It’a a balmy -4c (24F) outside my window today – 60F seems a long way away!

  8. The millefiori cardigan is my favorite as well and I’ve just the right amount of Rowan Felted Tweed in avocado green for it. The world would be a sad place without cardigans, don’t you think? I’m such a cardigan junkie, it’s probably my biggest wardrobe essential. And I’m SO glad IK is finally coming out with good patterns again. With the exception of Winter 08/09, their other issues have been really bleh lately. For awhile there I was afraid I’d have to give up on IK altogether.

  9. Help! I loved how your Lion Neck cardigan turned out. I’ve made it & made the neck 3X! My increases look funky! I’ve tried different kinds, any ideas what I’m doing wrong? thanks for your time!!

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