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Cardigan love

I’ll have to go against the traditional knitter’s wisdom and name spring as my favorite season.  This is mostly because I hate cold weather, and I love cardigans.  Spring pattern books and magazines are always filled with great cardigans.  This Spring’s Interweave Knits is no exception.  Last Spring’s issue was my favorite ever, and after a few disappointing issues (I did like Winter pretty well) they are back to good form!

The first (the Millefiore cardi) is my favorite.  I have some Bamboo Silk that  might work for it (in green of course!) but I will have to swatch to see.  The diminishing rib cardigan is great as well (it’s the 3rd pictured, also the cover.)  I don’t understand the lack of closure, but I think a vintage cardigan clip would look really pretty.  I have a nice aqua tencel blend (Reynold’s Odyssey) that might work.  I love the two wrap sweaters, both by Connie, and might make one (the purple one is a better shape for me.)

There are also two sweaters that are more summery that I love.

Seriously, that tank is gorgeous.  I have some teal Rowan wool cotton that it would be lovely in.  Of course, I did say no tanks, but this is so, so lovely that I will not try to resist… besides, I have to use up that stash, right?  The tunic is very Kim Hargreaves-esque I think (I am a sucker for unneccessary buttons, I tell you!)  I do not have stash yarn that would work, but that’s ok!

It was 60 degrees here today, although the 4 inches of ice on our front steps continues to not melt.  Even so, I couldn’t face my woolie sweater in progress, so I distracted myself by going vintage shopping on my day off.  I got a pretty tray mirrored vanity tray from the 50s, and I saw a few old knitting magazines, but nothing I felt that I needed.

The blooming cardigan is slow going, I won’t lie to you… I am so ready for spring, it’s getting hard to touch tweedy wool, lovely though it is.  I’ll just have to buckle down and finish, and watch some quality tv shows!