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We’re starting to thaw out a bit here.  It looks like it’s raining ice outside my living room window!  I hope that the thawing process doesn’t cause our powerlines (currently under stress) to break!  We have one giant tree limb that is sort of suspended in midair, and I expect it to come down.  We’ve warned our neighbors to move their car, lest it get squished.

In the meantime, it’s all bobbles all the time around here.

I’ve finished the back of the Blooming Cardigan now.  It was sort of slow going for awhile, but now that it’s done I’m feeling very encouraged and motivated about the sweater.

The sleeves are going very quickly now, and I’m looking forward to the fronts.   The pattern so far has been clear and error free.

My monkeys were restarted.

I restarted with the twisted ribbing, which I prefer.  I’ve decided to embrace the pooling, as it is of a non-splotchy nature, and is sort of cool looking anyway.  I don’t think it will obscure the pattern too much, at least not based on other monkeys I have seen!

Tomorrow is the superbowl sale at my LYS – you’d better believe I will be there!  Our evening mass is canceled for the game, and I have a general dislike of most things sport related (you can blame this on me being a musician I think.)  But Marc is having a friend over, and I will get Wick’s pizza (my favorite!) so it can’t be all bad (as long as I don’t have to watch any actual football.)

11 thoughts on “Thaw

  1. Glad to hear you’re finally starting to thaw out a bit! I think your cardigan is really looking lovely (what colorway did you with on that? I love it). Pooling can drive me nutty, too, but in this case I think it actually looks really pretty and makes it a little fun.

    Blah to Superbowl Sunday but yay to the superbowl yarn sale! I wish we had one of those around here as I could give a rat’s ass about football.

  2. The Superbowl is tomorrow? Shows you how much I care. 🙂

    Anyway, I like the Monkeys and I’ll have to knit a pair for myself one of these days.

  3. Your sweater looks great. Such a pretty color. You must have a huge amount of patience for all of those bobbles. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

  4. that cardigan looks great! I’m not sure how I feel about bobbles, so I haven’t yet done a project that involves them, they do look time consuming. Looks like your end product will be more than worth it, though!

  5. Your sweater is beautiful!
    Being a musician also, I too dislike football (as well as other sports) on TV. Fortunately, my husband (when he was still living) was not a fan either, so that has never been a problem at my house.

    I’m glad you are beginning to thaw out. Ice storms can really be devasting. We don’t have them very often in my part of the country, but when we do “the whole world shuts down!” Partly because they are not really common here and we are not prepared.

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