Iced in

Tuesday evening we got a huge ice storm here, on top of the snow that had fallen on Monday.  There are 180,000 without power in our city.  This photo looks down our front walk.  You can’t see it?  Neither can we.  There are several downed wires there too, half hidden in the snow.  I took this picture from inside the house!

This tree leans over our parking pad – several branches have already fallen there, and we are glad we didn’t park there that night!  All night we heard these branches splintering and falling.

We aren’t used to this kind of weather here – we were supposed to go to a funeral on Wednesday, but it was canceled, the first time I’ve seen a funeral with a weather delay.

I think we may have lost the lovely magnolia tree outside of my living room window – the top half has snapped.  I hope it can recover someday, but in the meantime I’m going to have to buy some curtains (it was hiding the window from the street.)  Ah well – a good excuse to get out my sewing machine?  Perhaps!  I recall it having a problem the last time I used it… I may need to take it to the repair shop down the street.

Tonight we’re hoping to make it out to dinner – Marc and I both have jobs that are canceled during bad weather (I will be back on Saturday) so we’ve just been here – I have been knitting some, but seeming to make little progress.  I hope everyone is keeping warm!