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January slowness

You would think, wouldn’t you, that winter weather would inspire me to knit ever faster.  In truth, winter only inspires me to huddle in front of the space heater and drink endless cups of tea.  Progress is slow, but I am pleased with how this sweater is coming out so far.  I’m slipping the first stitch on each row of the bobbles, which gives a neater look to them (they are, of course, still bobbles.  I enjoy the look of them, but I’m aware that opinions vary on that subject.)  Most of this was knitted up while watching the season premiere of Lost last night (so glad that it’s back; between that and Battlestar Galactica I finally have TV to watch again!)

I will be glad for spring, although not necessarily for spring knitting.  I do enjoy knitting with cotton or linen occasionally, but warm weather knitting is hard.  I do not wear clothing without sleeves, both because I work in a conservative environment, and because I am always so cold with air conditioning!  I do look forward to knitting some nice cotton cardigans and lots of socks, but probably I’ll be knitting wooly sweaters well into summer, as I apparently don’t enjoy making them when it’s actually cold out.

Berroco and Classic Elite are the first companies to release their spring/summer patterns.  I am usually interested in a few of their offerings, and this is no different.  I do not care for anything in Norah Gaughan vol 3, but I love this sweater, from Berroco’s booklet for Mica.

Classic Elite has a few nice patterns, but nothing I am excited about overall (the patterns are up on Ravelry, but not on the website yet.)  3/4 length sleeves are ok, just no short sleeved cardigans – what is the point?  At least in winter you can layer them.  Other recent patterns that I like…  I like the cover pattern from French Girl Knits, but I don’t think I like the rest of the book well enough to buy it… so I won’t make this unless the library gets it in, and I somehow manage to get to see a copy (I have been on the waiting list for the new Mason Dixon forever.)

Would I wear it anyway?  Sweaters without closures can be difficult for me… I constantly tug at them sometimes.

That’s all for now – back to enjoying my few days off!