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FO: Amelia

Pattern: Amelia by Laura Chau, Knitty Winter 08/09

Yarn: Madelinetosh worsted in Malechite, about 4 skeins

Needle: US 7

Notes: Really, I am happier than I look in the photos – this is what results from trying to take outside photos when the temperature is below freezing!  My camera appears to be unhappy as well (I want to replace it soon anyway…)

This pattern was very well written.  Every step was explained, and I found no errors.  I knit the 2nd size (34) a little tight to get a 33″ bust (no ease.)   I did not change needle sizes for the garter stitch sections, because I didn’t want the flare, and I think I’m pleased with that decision.  I did have to alternate skeins, which I was rather unthrilled with – I don’t think this yarn has dyelots, so two of my skeins were much darker.  I didn’t alternate for the sleeves, which looks fine in my opinion.

The yarn itself was fine – not exceptional, but soft and warm.  It did grow lengthwise quite a bit when washed.  I was happy about this, because as written I feel this sweater is a bit short.  Even now I would really like at least another inch of length to be happy with it.  This is a disadvantage of knitting bottom up.  And now comes the part where I complain about knitting sweaters this way.  It took me (according to Ravelry) just shy of a month to knit this thing, which you must know is a long time for me to toil on a simple sweater in worsted weight.  But there were whole weeks where I didn’t want to pick the thing up, so who knows how long I actually worked on it.  I’m glad it’s finished, but I think maybe it’s time to admit to myself that I need to convert this sort of sweater to flat knitting.

Other notes… the sleeves are a bit big for me.  I did not need nearly so much shaping.  The twisted ribbing is pretty, but it did kill my hands a bit, so I would consider whether you like twisted ribbing before deciding to make this sweater.  The fronts want to curl in – I blocked the heck out of them, and they are holding, but I fear they will begin to curl in again over the course of the day.  I would do more stitches in garter, which would solve this problem.  It might have happened because I was carrying yarn up the fronts, which caused a slip stitch edge.

I am happy enough with the finished project and I expect it will see plenty of wear, but I’m going to have to get over my annoyance with the process first… which I hasten to stress is not the designer’s fault, it was mine for refusing to admit my own preferences.

We are dealing with very unusually cold temperatures here.  At around 5 AM Friday we lost power due to a huge fire on Bardstown road, and didn’t get it back until after 11 am.  As a result the temperature in our house went down to 40, and the pipes leading to our dishwasher froze and burst.  Fortunately, they were quickly isolated, and our other pipes are fine.  We are having one of Marc’s friends who is a plumber come over to fix them on Tuesday.  I am only grateful that the damage was not worse – I hear from my neighbors that there were very many frozen pipes around here, as a good swath of the Highlands lost power.   I know temperatures have been cold everywhere lately, so I hope you are all keeping warm and safe!

25 thoughts on “FO: Amelia

  1. Gorgeous! Particularly love that deep green – beautiful with your hair colour 🙂 Don’t know if I could tackle Amelia, as lovely as it is, seeing as I’m not a twisted rib fan either! I’m experiencing the opposite in temperatures here in the Southern Hemisphere – around 46 degrees celcius on average!

  2. I’m in the southern hemisphere too and it is so wierd reading about such cold when we are sweltering (you look particularly cold in that 2nd shot!!).

    I think thats lovely, especially the colour you picked. Gorgeous xx

  3. It looks beautiful on you, and the colour looks great with your hair. 🙂 Can’t do twisted stitches either (they just kill my wrists), although they do look really pretty.

  4. thanks for the the pattern notes – this one’s in my queue too, and i’ll keep all your comments in mind if i decide to knit it up!

    LOVING your hair, btw!

  5. I’m not a fan of the bottom-up sweaters for the same reason as you but I think this came out great. I tend to be picky about the shades of green I wear (I’m a redhead, too) but that colorway is gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. Good choice on not changing needle size for the garter sections – I like how your’s looks a lot better.

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing miserable weather. It makes me feel kind of guilty that for the past week here in Oregon it’s been sunny skies and 60 degrees.

  6. Looks great! I’m doing some twisted ribbing right now on Shalom, it’s not bothering me too much, so I think I’m going to give Amelia a go too. The color you chose is gorgeous!

  7. Love your’s. The color is fantastic.

    I’m not a huge fan of twisted rib but like the idea of amelia. Do you think it could be done in regular rib instead to a zero ease?

  8. pretty sweater! i’m sorry you had so many issues with this one. i have it in my queue, but i might reconsider now, b/c i also find twisted ribbing to be a pain in the ass, and i like longer sweaters as well.

  9. I was very glad to see your finished Amelia, as well as your comments on the process of it – it’s in my queue, and I’ve been waffling about whether I want to make it or not. Yours really looks nice on you! Love the color too!!

  10. That looks so pretty on you! Great color. I’m working on this too, and I finished it but the neckline is gigantic. Of course I’m making a much larger size, I’m thinking maybe the grading was off. I decided to work on something else for a bit, so I can think about how to fix it. Yours looks so great, it will inspire me to get back to it. I’m finding the twisted rib tedious to knit too.

  11. Hi!
    I’m a relatively new knitter and have just completed my first scarf! I think that I am now addicted to knitting, and not sure what to do next! I’m thinking maybe a tea cosy … but love the look of the socks you have knitted – would you recommend these to a beginner?
    I have just discovered your blog and have added a link on my blog – hope that’s okay!

  12. That is a very flattering cardigan. I think I might have to make one for myself. I’m working on a project now that I’m procrastinating over because I don’t like knitting in bulky wool. I suppose I’ll know to avoid it in the future…

  13. Thank you for your very kind comment about my knitting doldrums. Your Amelia is amazing! I had seen it on Knitty, and it didn’t really do anything for me. Seeing yours, in that amazing green, I may have to re-think that. That’s absolutely gorgeous!

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