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Bathroom photos, and knitting toe up

The bathroom, other than needing a new rug and a light fixture (coming Friday) is finished, so I thought I would let you all see what we’ve done!  Just for reference, here are photos from when we moved it.

The shower is nice, if a bit shoddily installed, but the rest needed to be updated.  I am keeping the mirror you see up there, I’m fond of it for some reason and use it for putting myself together.

Here it is today, after replacing the sink, medicine cabinet and lights, and painting the walls and the door (previously it was yellow like the walls.)

Oops… need to clean that shower wall!  The floor (pergo) is staying for now, but needs to be replaced eventually with tile.

The sink and medicine cabinet were inexpensive, but fit our needs (fit into the corner where the old sink was, and have storage underneath, as there is no closet.  We’ve also installed things like that hand towel ring – there were no towel rods of any kind in the bathroom when we moved in (maybe they took them with?)

As I said, we have no bathroom cl0set, so it’s important to find space.  This odd little corner probably exists because the previous owners removed the bathtub and put in a shower.  I was using plastic storage carts here, but they were ugly.  My Mom bought this on clearance at Linens and things going out of business sale, but it didn’t fit her bathroom – so we get a nice new cabinet!  This is pretty much going to be mine… I’ll hang the pretty old mirror back up there and use it as a dressing table.

I am so pleased with the bathroom – it no longer feels old and strange to me!  The color, for reference, is Martha Stewart Blue Agave, from Valspar at Lowes.  I am vaguely allergic to this paint (we used it in our condo all over) but I was able to handle one small room, and it was inexpensive.  We got good coverage in only one coat.

Now for the knitting content of my post… I have taught myself a new trick!

Not only is that sock toe up, but it’s knit on two circulars!  I always thought using two circs would be hard and annoying, but as it turns out I love it – no contorting of the cable, which is what I hate about magic loop, and I didn’t find myself grabbing the wrong end at all.  It’s also less fiddly than trying to start toe up on DPNs (which I hate, thought I love my DPNs.)  Unfortunately, I only have one size 0 circular, so I had to rip this back (since one side of the sock is always on the same needles, the sizes must be the same.)  I think I may run out and pick up another size 0 addi – I prefer knitpicks, but somehow I don’t think it would be cheaper after I threw in all the things I might need “just in case” to my order.

I’m so proud of me – I may restart this sock, widdershins from Knity for the January Sockdown… I like this yarn fairly well, and it’s nice and self striping!

Amelia is nearly finished, and here is a photo to prove it.

I am once again proving that one piece knits aren’t faster for me, as I avoid picking it up for the endless rows I’m on now.  But soon it will be done, and I can move on to something nice, knit in pieces (I’m leaning towards the Blooming Cardigan right now, but we will see!)

20 thoughts on “Bathroom photos, and knitting toe up

  1. I love the new color!! i also love the contrast with the dark color on the walls, very striking! you did a great job. im so jealous of your shower!

  2. You’ve got a turquoise-y vibe going on around there, haven’t you?

    I actually really like buttery yellow (makes things feel light and sunny to me), but not in the bathroom. That blue is lovely; my son’s bedroom is almost the same color, with green and brown accents, and I always find it so peaceful and comforting.

    I love how you’ve used that odd little space!

  3. The bathroom is looking great! Old houses are fun to work with. Congrats on the toe up 2 socks on circs! I don’t know if I can knit socks any other way after I learned that technique. I get the second sock-itis any other way.

  4. Great new paint color – I love it. Did you get your new Rowan mag yet? I received it yesterday and I was underwhelmed by most of the patterns. I had been looking forward to it as I’d read a number of posts over on Ravelry saying that they really liked this issue. I thought most of the stuff was too baggy and didn’t come in small enough sizes as everything had at least 2″ of positive ease. Ugh.

  5. Your bathroom looks fantastic!! I aboslutely love the colour and dark wood with white painted piece. Well done! It must be just delightful to start the morning getting ready in such a lovely bathroom.

  6. LOVE the shower. I have the SAME sink & medicine cabinet in my basement bathroom. My tiles are a neutral beige. My walls have are also beige but with bluish greyish tint. The colors in my bathroom are beige, chocolate and blue similiar to your blue. The white cabinet is a nice touch.

  7. The bathroom looks great!

    I have a tiny master bathroom with a 1970s sink cabinet. The one you put in would be perfect! And I love the medicine cabinet, too. We don’t have one at all, and in our teeny bathroom, that small bit of storage would be a lifesaver.

    The previous owners of this house painted the bathroom periwinkle, with rub-on butterfly decals all over. Nice, huh?

    I feel a bathroom redo coming on.

  8. Love the new color. . .especially with the dark wood. Excellent choice! Gives me inspiration for my bathroom. A little paint goes a long way! Great job.

  9. I love what you have done with the bathroom! The color is great with the shower, and just cheers the whole place up.

  10. I like the new color in your bathroom; especially the new white cabinet.
    Congrats on starting your first toe-up. I did my first last summer on 2 circs and liked 2 less “jogs” needle to needle – especially with a patterened sock. One needle for the top of the foot, one needle for the bottom.
    Amelia is looking great! Love the color.

  11. That color is gorgeous– nice choice! I’m starting to suspect the same thing with my one piece sweaters– I have Favorite Cardigan just sitting there because I dread the endless purl rows. One reason one of my knitting goals this year is to try a sweater knit in pieces… although I may dread the sewing up just as much (or more?).

  12. Pretty! Pretty everything. 🙂 I LOVE your new bathroom – your pictures from your home always inspire me to do something about my own apartment (though lack of time and funds and ideas is holding me back at the moment). I really like the colours you chose – blue and brown together is perfect. 🙂

    Congrats on learning a new skill – I think I should get around to learning how to knit in the round on two circs too. Much easier and less of a hassle than DPNs. I like DPNs for socks, but not so much for anything with a larger circumference..

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