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Bathroom color dilemmas

We are in the process of replacing our terrible bathroom sink, and after that is over I will be replacing the medicine cabinet and light fixture, and finally painting the room a color other than awful butter yellow!  We are holding off on tiling the floor since we have to pay to fix our furnace (still not fixed… still cold, but at least it’s a little warmer today!)

The bathroom has an excessively large shower, but no bathtub.  The shower is some sort of gray stone, so the paint has to match that (you can see the color in the photo below.)

The new sink is white with a black cabinet, so no worries about matching that.  Here is another picture, this one away from the window.

This is actually a better look at the colors.  Thge one I’m leaning towards is called “Blue Agave,” and it’s 2nd from the righ above, 2nd from the left in the first photo.  I also like “Glass Green,” on the far right in the photo above, but I think it might be too minty in the sunlight (I hate mint green for some reason.)  I think the more purple one is too purple.

Any way you look at it, I’m so excited to get this room worked on –  we have been suffering for 6 months with a sink that only had hot OR cold water, never both at once, and which has the porcelain peeling away and stains that will never clean off.

See what I mean?  I cannot imagine why they put in the fancy shower but didn’t spend the money to replace this horrid thing (and then wanted top dollar for the house.)

I will have in progress photos in a week or so!

25 thoughts on “Bathroom color dilemmas

  1. I like the first blue – Delet Tile it might say? I have to thank you for these painting posts! My sister is re-doing her house (which has a lot of the same wood coloring as yours), and needed painting advice. I directed her to your blog and she picked one right off of a post and LOVES IT! (: You have great taste, lady! (:

  2. I say go with the one you are leaning towards…that’s my favorite too! We just redid our bathroom last week and it feels sooooo good to get rid of the yucky parts.

  3. Your bathroom will be lovely. On my monitor the bath stone looks more sand/plum with black flecks than gray so I’m no help is colour suggestions from your cards.
    I’m looking forward to seeing in progress photos!

  4. I agree with you on the colour choice! Regarding the first photo, the #1 is too “blue” it may make the bathroom feel a little small, especially if it paints any darker than the chip. #3 is too bright and it clashes a little with your shower’s stone since it doesn’t have any grey in it. #4 is just a little too pale and doesn’t pop against the stone, it gets lost. So yeah, I think #2 is a really good choice. It’s got just enough pop against the stone while still complimenting it.

  5. Are these the Martha Stewart colors at Lowe’s? I could swear that one of my bathrooms is Glass Green and another is Blue Agave, but it’s been about six months since I painted them, so I could be wrong. The green isn’t quite what I wanted (though I did want green like an old glass Coke bottle, so the name sucked me in), but the blue is perfect.

  6. I hate those types of sinks!! You have to play water swap just to wash your face properly without scalding one side and freezing the other:( Glad you get to replace yours!

  7. I also like the one you chose best, and second choice would be the one to the far left in the second pic (the palest color). The greens look really good with the gray!

  8. I vote for Blue Agave. I think it will tie in well with the existing shower tile as well as the new sink and I like that it has that hint of green in the blue without being institutional-looking.

  9. I like all those colors! They make a facute for those sinks that comes up and combines the hot and cold- it’s tall and interesting looking but I think your sink’s seen better days unfortunately… sell it to a salvage yard though if they’ll take it!

  10. I like the “Blue Agave” as well. I don’t think it’ll be too minty, but of course, it’s difficult to say with monitor differences and such. 🙂

    I must say I love your posts about refurnishing/redecorating your home… I wish I could get something done in my own apartment, but it’ll have to wait until all my deadlines are cleared. I want a soft chair to sit in so bad…!

  11. I love the 2nd from the left photo 2. But your color is my favorite color, so Thats great too. I was just reading about bath remodeling. They say to use a real wall mirror not med cabinet and to put the lights on the sides of the mirror. Just a note. We did that in one of ours and it is beautiful.

  12. Hi, found your site looking for knitting blogs. Love your site and your year-end FOs – beautiful!

    I like the color you picked as well. Our teeny bathroom needs a major overhaul, so I’ll be back to see the finished results (and get some inspiration)!

  13. I really need to post about our bathroom remodel from August. I still pinch myself when I walk in that room and the blue we used still makes me smile looking at it. Everyone thought I was nuts, but it is similar to your possible choice, and I love, love, love it!

  14. I have a bathroom white with a blue similar to the first one in the first photo…and it is my favourite! I would choose that color withouth hesitation. It is a lively and happy color!!! ( Altough I truly like all of them )

  15. Just after sending my comment had a doubt…and went to my similar bathroom….my color is actually a mix between the one you have chosen and the one I had selected….

  16. I think it’s important in the bathroom to pick a shade that flatters your complexion. Instead of holding those paint chips up to the stone, hold them up to your face. You may find one that jumps out at you, or you may realize none of them work for you.

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