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The winner is…


I’m not convinced it will be a quick knit – I’m always a little slow on things knit in one piece.  The yarn is so pretty, though it does dye my fingers.  I hope I have enough yarn – I’m knitting the 34″ size at 5.25 st/in to get a slightly smaller size (around 32″)  One of my skeins is a little underweight, and I’m also alternating skeins because of dyelot differences.

I think it will even out that way.  I have the right yardage in theory, but I’m worried about that underweight skein.

Wisteria was a somewhat close second in the vote, and the Blooming Cardigan got plenty of votes as well.  I will knit them all soon, I hope.  Wisteria will need to happen while it’s winter, while the Blooming cardigan can probably function in the early spring because of its lavender color.

I received an Ott Lite for Christmas -even though it’s early, I already have it out of the box!  I never really got the point of these, but now I do.  I didn’t realize how much squinting and guessing I did at night – but now even my socks in dark yarn are easy to see when knitting at night!