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What now? (help me choose!)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my FOs yesterday – your feedback really means a lot to me!

I’m glad that Christmas is almost here – soon the rush will be over!  We’re going to my in-laws for two days after Christmas (then I have to go back to work, though Marc is off until Jan 5th.)  I’m trying to decide on my next projects.  I did start a new sock, something that is easy to work after the cozy cable socks!

This is the “Gentleman’s Fancy socks” pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Damson, which I got as a present last Christmas – I thought it was time to use it up!  I actually started several patterns, but this yarn is such a dark blue that nothing really showed well.  I especially loved the pattern for “Child’s French Sock,” also from the same book, but I want to make it in a lighter color (green, I think.)  Anyway,  these will be really pretty when they are done, which shouldn’t take long because the pattern is so terribly easy.

My next sweater is a harder choice.  I have three patterns I’m thinking of, with yarn for each… I’m soliciting opinions, so vote for your favorite!

Blooming Cardigan from Interweave Winter 08.  I’m going to make it without the belt, and in a more fitted size.

Wisteria in Araucania Nature Wool.  I’m knitting to a smaller gauge to get a smaller size than the 37″ bust small, and I’m nervous about that…

Amelia from Knitty Winter 08 in Madelinetosh worsted.

So… which one should I make now?

43 thoughts on “What now? (help me choose!)

  1. I vote for the Blooming Cardi in the blue Beaverslide, it looks cozy and warm for this winter season… although green is my favourite colour so the Madelinetosh in worsted looks fabulous.

  2. I vote for Wisteria, because that is the one I want to make the most. And that pink! I’d be “knitting” through you!

    Though I’m sure your version of the Blooming Cardi will be better than the one in the mag.

  3. I vote for Amelia! The yarn you have lined up for it is so pretty, and it seems like such a useful, elegant little cardigan.

  4. I’m knitting Wisteria in Mad Tosh Worsted. I am a 34″bust on a good day and have not had any trouble with the fit of the smallest size. It’s working with 0-1″ ease for me. It’s a great pattern. I wasn’t sure if I would like the mock turtleneck & yoke but it is turning out to be one of the most flattering sweaters I have ever knit.

  5. My 1st choice for you would be Amelia. Then maybe the cardi. You have picked out gorgeous colors for all the projects though.

  6. My goodness, you’re so prolific! I vote for Wisteria. Second choice is Amelia. Amelia would be more versatile – I love cardigans. But I’m enamored with Kate Gilbert’s squiggly cables in Wisteria.

  7. My vote is for Amelia, because it is already a nicely fitted sweater, and I think it would be very flattering on you. Not to mention that green yarn is delicious, and I am trying to live vicariously through you. hehe.

  8. I want to see your version of the Blooming cardi but I do love the yarn you’ve chose for Wisteria, and Amelia’s also.
    I’m not much help….. don’t you have more than one pair of hands to knit multiple sweaters with???

  9. 1st – Wisteria..stunning – lovely shape and form
    2nd – Amelia….a close 2nd
    3rd – Blooming….also lovely….please make all 3 and we’ll all be happy…….have a happy Christmas….R

  10. i’d like to see the blooming cardigan, especially because i have the same body type that you do, and i’d like to see how that sweater would look on a slimmer person, without as much ease.

  11. I vote for the Wisteria. You have such a talent for sweaters with details. The color is a nice pick and would look beautiful on you.

  12. i vote amelia, but selfishly – i plan to knit it up (looks like a nice quick, but engaging knit) and i always love seeing other people’s FOs and hearing their trials and tribulations, if any, before i get started!

  13. Well since I have Climbing Vines on my To-Do List and saw how that turned out for you, another pattern I just bought is Wisteria, so I’d like to see how that turns out for you also.

    Safe travels to you and a Merry Christmas!

  14. I vote for Blooming Cardigan – mostly because I also want to see it more fitted and without the belt. Your climbing vines looks so much nicer than the one in the magazine…I want to see what you can do with this one too!

  15. I vote for the Blooming Cardigan! Just be sure to block your swatch — Beaverslide yarns, in my experience, bloom when washed and thus alter in gauge.

  16. I’m sure I’m late to comment (still catching up with all the holiday blogs) but I vote for the Wisteria. I think it is a very original looking pattern and would get you tons of compliments once it is finished…

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