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FO: Climbing Vines Pullover

Pattern: Climbing Vines Pullover, Interweave Knits Winter 08

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Chinatown Apple, 2.75 skeins

Needles: US 8 and US 7

Notes: I think Interweave Knits suffers from several problems lately, but after knitting this pullover I’m not sure that dowdy designs is one of them.  I was attracted to the lace panel in the magazine, but honestly I thought that the sweater looked pretty dowdy and awful on the pretty model in the magazine.  First of all, she was wearing a long sleeved button down shirt under it, which creates unflattering lines, and then the sweater she was wearing was too large for her.  I am wearing this sweater with three inches of negative ease in the bust.  That may seem like a lot (it did to me) but to be honest this is one of the few pullovers I own that I feel fits like my storebought sweaters.

I knit the front by hand, and knit the stockinette portions of the back and sleeves on the Bond.  After knitting them I transferred the hem stitches to size 7 needles, and knit the ribbing by hand.  To be honest, I cannot tell the difference between the handknit and machine knit portions.  For the most part I found the pattern to be clear and easy.  I did shorten the body by 1 inch in length (I like pullovers at 14″… the pants I’m wearing are very low waisted, it is not too short.)  I also did one extra set of decreases for the waist, since I wanted this to be formfitting.  The neckline as written is quite wide, but I really like wide necklines, especially if (as in this case) holes in the lace require the wearing of a tank underneath.  It does not fall off the shoulders – it is merely pulled to one side in these photos.  However, if you don’t like a wide neckline you might want to consider altering this.

I liked knitting with Classy much more this time than my last experience.  I don’t know if this is because of the color, or because I wasn’t knitting garter stitch.  I did find some vegetable matter in the yarn, which surprised me, but it wasn’t very much, and it wasn’t large splinters or anything.

This was a very pleasant experience, and I am glad to find the Bond useful for the purpose I wanted it – to knit the boring bits of some sweaters, and free me up to enjoy the rest (the lace panel here was quite enjoyable.)  I’m not sure how much faster is was, since I it’s a bit cumbersome to knit a piece, and I tended to knit a piece and then stall for a few days on the next, but at least during that time I was able to work on other things by hand.  I’m very interested now in seeing how the other sweaters in IK might look in more appropriate sizes.  For instance, the cover sweater from the winter issue, the Blooming Cardigan, is clearly huge for the model.  I’m thinking it might be far nicer in the smallest size (and without the belt) so I may make that soon.

As usual, I had to get the Sarah Jane seal of approval.

She is mildly amused.  I have promised her a sweater of her own, and I will interpret her cries as cries of joy!

18 thoughts on “FO: Climbing Vines Pullover

  1. This turned out so nicely! I’m happy to see how lovely the Chinatown Apple is knitted up; I bought some smooshy in the same colorway for a Tempest for myself.

    Also, I knew you finished this sweater! A cuff is peeking out in your sock photos from yesterday. Just call me the knitting detective 🙂

  2. That does look better than it did in the magazine. And I agree that the cover photo looks terrible on that model. They need a new stylist for their photo shoots, I think.

    I wanted to knit the climbing vines, but I had some trouble with the first couple of rows of the chart. Did it seem to you that the ribbing didn’t line up properly, and asked you to knit 3 in one place rather than 2?

    Your sweater is lovely!

  3. I’ve been desperately wanting some Chinatown Apple DIC (I’m not picky about the weight, I just love the color) but I wasn’t sure how it would look knit up. Beautiful, apparently!

    I think sizing for the models is an issue for a lot of publications. I used to groan every time I got a Knit Picks catalog because I knew I was going to see models wearing sweaters far too large for them, and in the wrong colors to boot. That seems to have changed in the last couple of catalogs, and it makes such a difference.

    Great work!

  4. It looks great, and much nicer than the one in the magazine photo!. This sweater is in my queue, but I want to knit a swatch to see how big the YO holes are. I’d like to be able to wear it without a layering piece. Would the holes be too holey?

  5. It looks wonderful on you!

    I really like the latest IK. And last Fall’s issue was my favorite knitting magazine of all time. But generally I find them pretty hit-or-miss. Still, I’ve made more projects out of IK than any other knitting magazine.

  6. I love it! I also thought that the version in the magazine was way too large for the model and I didn’t like the styling. Thanks for demonstrating that this pullover can be flattering with the right fit!

  7. Looks great! love that pullover….I’m still a beginner and I’m a little afraid to start that lace pattern…but it is worth a try.
    I think you should consider knitting Ginny ( Amber, Kim Hargreaves ) I think would look great in you. I’m planning to knit it as well cause I have fell in love with it, after Polly. You are such a quick Knitter!!!

  8. Love your sweater. I am also knitting this sweater and am about half way thru the back. Yours with 3″ neg. ease has me worried. I am a 37 bust and am knitting the 38. I do want to wear a knit top underneath something with a wide neckline.
    Check out my progress on my blog please. Ideas?

  9. I’m so glad that I read this today! I cast this on last night, and I’ve been knitting a size smaller than normal because I wanted it to be fitted and not overly large as it is on the model in the photo. Now I’m considering ripping back and making “my” size…

  10. Did you find that the top leaf was ccrowded by the bind off? Did that make the picked up neckline stitches difficult? My bind off on the pattern side is funky and I am afraid mine will not come out as nicely in the neck as yours.

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