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FO: Cozy Cable socks

Pattern: Cozy Cable socks by Terry Morris

Yarn: Dream in Color Starry in Cinnamon Girl

Needles: Knitpicks dpns, size 0

Notes: I wanted to make these socks from the moment I first saw them on Ravelry.  I love knitting socks, but rarely am I so struck with a pattern that I must make it right away.  I decided these would be my socks to wear for Christmas (it is very important in my mind to have special Christmas socks) so I ordered some Dream in Color yarn in sparkly red and got started right away.

The pattern was incredibly easy to follow.  It was divided up into lots of little charts for every step, and you only had to follow them in order.  I did the cables without a cable needle, which I prefer for socks.  They took me 9 days to complete, working at the same time as a sweater.  The leg chart took the longest – the pattern on the foot is easy and was at least twice as fast.  I did think that the toe directions were a bit long, so I shortened them.

I have mixed feelings on the yarn.  On one hand I really like the color, and I appreciate that it isn’t super skinny.  On the other hand this is supposed to be a semi-solid, but it really isn’t (it looks a little bit in the photos, but doesn’t appear that way in real life.)  The silver bits tend to come loose, and are pretty long strands which give the socks a fuzzier look than I prefer (and look a bit like lint to me sometimes.)  The yarn was a little splitty too.  I haven’t knit with smooshy, so I really can’t say how similar it was, but I plan on getting some in the future to try out and compare.

I would highly recommend giving these socks a try!