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December blah

Yesterday (Friday Dec 12th) was my last day off until December 26th.  I’m trying not to be grumpy about it, but I sort of hate all the stress that comes with the holidays for me (I have a job where I will never get Christmas off, ever.)  There is the stress of family, and family expectations (of course) and that combines with work stress and an endless stream of holiday parties (parties are not easy for me… I am too shy, and usually stressed out around the holidays.)

I haven’t actually done any Christmas shopping yet either, and I’m feeling pretty cranky about the whole thing.  I’ve decided to call my socks “Christmas socks” to cheer me up.

I think you can tell my stress level by how complicated a chart I’m willing to follow.  It distracts me.  And yes, there is a purl in the midst of one of my cables on the first repeat, which I wil not be ripping back to fix… it really is not noticeable when not in extreme closeup mode.

I also cast on for the climbing vines pullover.  I love the way the pattern looks in this yarn.  I was worried that it would obscure the vines, but I’m really happy with how it looks.  I’ve done another repeat of the pattern since I took this photo, and it’s going quickly.  I’m making the smallest size, and it looks tiny, but I’m counting on the yarn stretching a bit the way it has for me in the past.  If it doesn’t, then I’ll just have a super fitted sweater.  The chart for this sweater is super easy to follow.  I was was considering knitting the back on the bond, but I love this yarn so much that I might reconsider that idea…

Now I must be off to get ready for work tonight…

11 thoughts on “December blah

  1. I know where you’re coming from, my husband works christmas eve and christmas day ;( I’ll be sitting at home along waiting for him to come home, sucky!!!
    Hope these next 10 days goes by super fast for ya.
    Love the yarn your using for your climbing vines!

  2. The climbing vines sweater does look beautiful in that color. I can relate to being stressed when attending parties, although since having children I am trying harder to socialise. I am sure one day you will not be as shy. I do hope the knitting will help with your stress levels.

  3. The vines is looking sensational – what a gorgeous yarn for the winding plant tendrils!

    I know what you mean about the festive season – we’ve decided to take some time out from the madness this year and spend the main few days away from it all. That way we can spread the events out across several days before and after we escape on holiday, instead of mashing everything into one big stressful rushed day!

    Hope your coping mechanisms hkeep you happy and content unti lthe madness is over 🙂

  4. Didn’t even see the purl stitch, and the sweater is beautiful. I love the color of that yarn!

    I get to take time “off” at the holidays, but it’s still stressful. I’m not big on socializing, either, and this is the season to party! Good luck making it through, and hopefully January will be restful!

  5. I hear ya, the holidays are a stress no matter what. I always take on too much and think I have all this time. . .then scramble around at the end. I too have not done my xmas shopping. . .eek!

    Can’t wait to see how the sweater looks, I love the pattern but I think I would prefer it more fitted. It will be interesting to see how fitted yours turns out.

  6. I’m stressed all year but holidays because of work….that’s why I knit!!! have started this year and love it…I’m finishing Olivia, but would loooove to do that climbing vines pullover!!! seem its going to be lovely!!! and for socks….It scares me a little, but will have to try some day. Love yours!!!

  7. I feel ya. My parents came to visit in November, and I used up all my vacation time then. Now, I only have one vacation day left, and I’m using it December 26. Then, big dry spell. Ugh.

  8. Your socks are the most beautiful shade of red. Can’t wait to see them completed. I like how the DIC Chinatown Apple color is working out for your Climbing Vines sweater also. I am just amazed at how fast you complete your projects. I’ll just keep plodding along….
    I hope you find time for yourself this season. I too get into that stress-funk and lash out at unsuspecting loved ones. Not fun. I’ve even tried cutting back on some stressful projects and to make things simpler.

  9. I looked and looked for the mistake purl stitch, but I couldn’t find it! With little stuff like that, I hardly ever go back and fix it if I am more than a few rows away (especially when there are cables involved!). I’m a lazy knitter 😉
    Love your sweater- it does look great in that yarn!

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