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FO: Twisted Tweed Socks

Pattern: Twisted Tweed Socks

Yarn: Malabrigo sock in Abril, 3/4 skein

Needles: Knitpicks Nickel DPNs size 0

Notes: I found knitting these socks to be an overall pleasant experience.  I did make a few modifications.  I cast on 66 instead of 72 stitches, because I thought 72 would be too big.  They fit, but to be honest I could have gotten away with 72 – the fit over my heel is a little tight.  This is a very non stretchy stitch pattern, so keep that in mind when looking at the cast on number.  I mirrored the swirl pattern on the leg of the second sock, because I’m like that.  It’s really easy to do once you’ve knit the first sock… just start with row one of the pattern and then swirl the other way!  I knit the leg for 5 inches instead of 7 for two reasons.  First, I got tired of the pattern, and second I was worried about running out of yarn – I think the row gauge is rather short because of all the slipped stitches, so it eats more than you might think.  I changed the heel from short row to a ribbed heel.  Ribbed heels fit my narrow heels better, and I was worried about them being small.  Without the ribbed heel I suspect these would not have gone on.

About the yarn (since I know everyone is curious!)  Malabrigo sock is a really thin sock yarn.  I would compare it in weight to Lorna’s laces shepherd sock.  I don’t love thin sock yarns – I like my fingering weights on the heavier side.  It’s also extremely soft and silky, with a lovely sheen.  It has no bounce to speak of – it feels very much like a wool/tencel blend to me, though I know it is not.  I think it is going to pill like nobody’s business, in spite of knitting at a tiny gauge.  Just from being in my knitting bag it is already fuzzy, and I think this bodes poorly for its future.  The colors are gorgeous, and the color runs are very short, so that they probably will not pool (this sock would not have pooled even without the slip stitch I don’t think.)  I’m not sure I will use this yarn again because it is so thin, but I will wait and see about the wear issues.  I would recommend it though, with the warning about potential fuzziness attached.  But then again, with so many lovely sock yarns, when do I ever repeat?

The pattern was clear, although I think there may be an error on the toe shaping on the top down version – it called for decreasing 2 stitches at a time, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be 4.  That’s how I did mine, and I got a toe of the prescribed length.  I memorized the pattern 2 inches in on the first leg, and then I didn’t need to look anymore.  Highly recommended – the finished socks look more complicated than they are!

7 thoughts on “FO: Twisted Tweed Socks

  1. I love those shoes with knitted socks! Ankle length is a good length for socks. This is what I say for every pair despite my initial plans, and why I knit toe-up!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for all the great info on Malabrigo sock; I’ve been wanting to try it out =) And now to add another sock pattern to my queue…

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