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Why my husband is the greatest…

Because he heard me complaining about how much I dislike stockinette, and how many patterns I avoid because of it.  The next thing I knew, this appeared in our house:

Bought with a 50% off coupon, with a promise (from me) to make a little blanket for his sister’s upcoming new baby.  I’m very interested in trying this out, and seeing what possible uses I can come up with for it!  It looks crazy complicated.

I have seen one in action before, so I get the concept.   Maybe I can finally make Marc the Harry Potter scarf he has always wanted, but that I have always claimed was incredibly boring?  I know people who use them to knit the stockinette parts of regular knitting patterns as well.

I’m going to set it up on the dining room table to try out, but if I decide to keep it set up somewhere it will need to be in the attic (fortunately our attic is not scary and has lots of light.)