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When I was a little girl I longed to be a ballerina.  I would have loved to take ballet, but unfortunately A. We couldn’t afford it, and B. I’m thinking my hippy-ish Mom would not have been into the idea.  She was more the type to take me camping and teach me how to tie knots, so as not to reinforace gender stereotypes.  Unfortunately for her, I turned out pretty darned girly (maybe this was my rebellion?)  I do complain all the time though about gender stereotyping, especially as I see it in my students, so maybe her efforts were not in vain.

So anyway, since I wasn’t a ballerina, and even though it was the 80s, I never had a pair of legwarmers of my own.   (Neon? check. Leggings? Check.  Hair barettes covered in shoelaces and balloons? Check.  Hypercolor shirt? No, but oh how I wanted one…)  The suggestion was raised (on my post about my boots being too large) of a pair of legwarmers.  Then Sockknitters anonymous on Ravelry, of which I am a member, declared that legwarmers counted as “almost socks” for the December KAL.  I took those two things to be a sign, and I am now making these.

These are the simple legwarmers from Last minute knitted gifts, knit with 1 strand of cascade 220, 1 of Madil kid seta (I’m using GGH Kid melange.)  The Cascade 220 (above) is actually a dark gray, not black the way it looks.  I wanted a heathered gray, but I couldn’t find any locally, so I used a lighter shade of mohair to make it look heathered.   This works pretty well (or well enough anyway.)  The two yarns combined make a really soft fabric, and I’m happy to note that I have no problems with mohair when it is combined with something else.  Of course, 1×1 rib for 26″ X 2 isn’t quick (2-4 hours?  Really book?  I think not.) Anyway, here is hoping that I wear these when they are finished (photos soon, it got dark really early here today!)

Right now I’m only knitting things on DPNs (these, the sleeves of Vaila, and my socks.)  I hope I don’t get too tired of them!