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Time for an update

Now that Thanksgiving is over now, thank goodness, and I can finally have some time to myself, it’s time for an update.  (I’m not a grinch, really, I’m just an introvert who never gets enough downtime during the holidays… big gatherings make me nervous.)

I finished one of my twisted tweed socks. They look kind of funny off your feet.

The soles are really baggy, and if you hold them up they look strange.  But they look normal on my feet!

Actual color is somewhere in between these photos… purple is hard to capture properly.  I’m not allowing myself to write about my mods yet, because I want to finish the second sock, and to me this pattern was a little tedious.

All the family togetherness has caused my knitting time on Vaila to suffer (I have to have the chart with me, so it makes bad carrying knitting.)  But I have made progress, and am now on the last part of the body before the sleeves.

Curiously, my gauge seems to actually be tighter when purling every round.  I expected it to be looser.  It will fit either way – the lace is very stretchy, but it is coming out a bit small.  I am looking forward to the sleeves now – I want a break from the lace.

Much like my sock knitting, my sock yarn buying goes in spurts.  Sometimes I can’t imagine wanting to ever knit socks again, mostly in the summer (I envy those who can knit socks all summer… I can’t seem to work up an enthusiasm for them when it’s hot!)  But right now I’m into socks, so I’ve gotten some sock yarn.

This is starry, the new yarn from Dream in Color.  It has silver bits spun into the yarn.  The color is Cinnamon girl, one of the new semisolids (although to me it just looks solid.)  I thought the silver would stand out more on a solid backdrop, as much as I love their other colorways.  The yarn feels thinner than smooshy to me, but it’s hard to tell without knitting it up.  I’m not sure yet on a pattern, but I’m thinking of a fancy pattern (for me) because I rarely use true solid yarns.

Two other yarns, bought in a thanksgiving weekend spending spree…

On the left is “My Kelly” from Miss Babs, from the woolgirl thanksgiving sale.  On the right is “Field” from Funky Carolina.  Lovely greenish yarns… how I love you!

We are keeping Christmas small this year, since we still own two properties and it seems silly to spend on things we don’t need (my sock yarn money came from selling off my stash earlier this month.)  We are fixing up the bathroom for a joint present.  Our bathroom has a lovely fancy granite shower, but it has a sinkfrom the 1930s that is falling apart, and cheap laminate flooring that is ruined.  We’ve bought a new sink and medicine cabinet, and we will be tiling the floor and painting the walls a color other than lemon yellow (I’m thinking a soothing aqua, but that is not certain yet.)

I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “Time for an update

  1. I love your socks and sock yarns! I wanted to try the new Starry yarn too, but I’m on a sock yarn diet right now =(

    Good luck with your bathroom; it sounds like fun!

  2. Your socks look so lovely! And I hear you on the giant holiday gathering front: some people get energized by being around others, but I’m definitely one of those people who needs alone time to get my oomph back. Spending a few minutes knitting is always a nice break. 🙂

  3. I adore that green Funky Carolina yarn!
    That’s a super gift plan to do your bathroom as a joint Christmas gift. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures, your renos are all so lovely.

  4. Love that sock! So pretty!

    I wonder if the tighter purling is because you think it is going to turn out loose so you tighten the stitches to compensate and maybe over tighten? I know I do that sometimes.

  5. I’m the same way about the holidays or any time where I have multiple gatherings in consecutive days. I just need “alone time” after that to recover.

    Great sock too. On your other post about the boots, have you tried the stretchy pull-on kind? I don’t like zip-up boots because they always seem to hit my leg in the wrong spot as I’m short. The wide spot for the calf might not be where my calf muscle is, and I have muscular calves to begin with. I wonder if the extreme stretchiness of the boots might be good for the opposite issue of thin calves. Try

  6. Just wanted to tell you I’m in love with your blog! It has been too long since I knitted, so I am determined to finish my scarf and Christmas stocking that I started (yeesh!) 2 years ago! Uh oh…

  7. Ooh, those socks look scrumptious! And the colors are so rich. I got an email from Little Knits about Dream in Color Classy. It’s the worsted weight version. Have you tried that?

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