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Purple period continues

I ripped the embossed leaves socks I had started with my Malabrigo sock, and started a pair of Twisted Tweed socks instead.

I really love the way this pattern looks in the yarn, and in general it’s an easy, approachable pattern.  I cast on 66 stitches (the pattern calls for 72) because I have thin ankles..  Hopefully they will fit and not be too big or small.  The yarn is not at all bouncy, but it is wonderfully soft.

I also started Vaila, from the Twist Collective.

Does anyone else have a hard time telling purple from blue?  I always seem to call things purple that other people insist are blue.. maybe it’s just that I’m unwilling to accept purpley blues.  So anyway, I think this is blue, but I could be wrong.  Nice yarn either way – I’m alternating skeins to avoid pooling, and it’s super easy in the round.

I’m doing some alterations to this pattern.  I cast on for the smallest size, because it has a 32″ hip measurement (the next largest is something like 37″.)  But I want the 2nd size bust measurement (also 32) because I don’t like A shaped pullovers on me (cardigans yes, pullovers no.)  I will add some waist shaping so that it isn’t boxy, and then knit the top and sleeves in the 2nd size.  So overall the same sweater, just with some shaping.  I may also knit the sleeves flat and seam them – I would rather seam than purl in the round for that long (they are reverse stockinette.)

Finally, I got my yarn for Wisteria.

I adore this color.  This yarn (Araucania nature wool) is kettle dyed, so I will also alternate skeins on this knit.  I have knit with this yarn before (a scarf for Marc, which he promptly lost… not the yarn’s fault I suppose.)  It’s not the softest – I would compare it to cascade 220.  It’s also not a true worsted weight, more of a light worsted or dk.  I’m hoping I bought enough yarn to make up for the gauge change!

11 thoughts on “Purple period continues

  1. I see blue too 🙂
    In Spanish we say “violeta azulado” to this shade of blueish violet ; years ago I have a pullover in this colour and I loved it 🙂
    The Araucania and Malabrigo yarns are beautiful; I adore the purples too 🙂

  2. So, I have been checking out your blog for a few months now, and can I just say-you are THE speediest knitter ever! How can you get so much done so quickly? I’m jealous:) It is fun to visit because there is always something new-love it! See you tomorrow:)

  3. Looks blue on my monitor.

    So how do you go about alternating skeins for the Nature wool? Do you carry the yarn up the side and alternate skeins every row? I’ve often wondered about this…


  4. Totally blue! The pics of yarn above it and below it are much more purpley.

    I had a pair of heels once that were gold… or were they silver? People were very adamant one way or the other. I was *certain* that they were gold, as did about 3 other people… 2 people *insisted* they were silver through and through. Funny stuff. Eventually I figured it didn’t really matter what color people thought they were… they were just cute, so I should wear em!

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