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FO: Polly

Pattern: Polly, from Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Elann Superwash Chunky

Needles: US 10.5

Notes: Polly is a raglan, knit flat (fine by me) and seamed together at the end.  I reduced the number of buttons by one (I forgot to make the first buttonhole, but I think I like it better with fewer anyway.)  My sweater stretched by 3-4 inches measured flat (so 6-8 inches total) after blocking.   I think that’s because the pattern stitch is a form of ribbing, although it was probably helped along by the superwash yarn.

The yarn was nice enough, if basic, although it did have a tendency to split.  It is very soft, and compared to the other Elann chunky yarn (peruvian chunky) it feels like it will wear well.  It’s very economical for a chunky yarn, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

I wasn’t sure about the sweater when it was finished, but what it needed was the right shirt under.  I paired it with this turtleneck, and now I love it!  I never wore this shirt much before – it’s too plain on its own, but I didn’t have anything else it went with.  Polly was an easy knit, and it could have knit up even faster if I hadn’t been focusing on my socks.  I do like the mod of having fewer buttons – I think it makes the sweater more swingy rather than boxy.  Plus I got to use up the extra buttons from my Central Park hoodie!  My only complaint about this sweater is that the back rides up a bit (a common raglan issue) but since it is loose this isn’t so noticeable.

21 thoughts on “FO: Polly

  1. I’m one of your longtime blog readers and I just had to leave a comment tonight when I saw this sweater.
    It is so lovely on you and you did such a superb job on it.
    Everytime I see one of your sweaters, I feel inspired to knit one up. Thank you for sharing creativity and talent.

  2. How superwash is the yarn? I’m looking for a nice bulky superwash for a sweater for my boyfriend, but he needs something that he can just throw in the washer without worrying. And how soft is it?

  3. Adorable! What did you mean about the other elann chunky? I just ordered some for the Sweet Pea sweater in Twist Collective. Does it wear poorly?

  4. Great Sweater. I’ve made other sweaters that can’t be worn alone. It’s worth finding the perfect shirt to wear with them so they don’t stay at the back of the closet!

  5. Hey
    It’s beautiful, really.
    The whole blog- everything looks so good, the light in the photos is autumn- ish…
    And this sweater—

    Where can I find the instructions?

  6. Love your blog, feel a little bit guilty for I don’t have ( yet ) one in wich you can read in return…. I’m learning to knit also by myself, and currently I’m knitting Olivia from the same book. I had doubts if to knit Polly afterwards or to make my firts attempt to knit some socks….after seeing your result, socks will have to wait. And I also adore green!!!! ( sorry for my english…I live in Madrid, Spain ( Europe ), and my native language is spanish….)

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