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Color periods

Does anyone else find that they go through color phases with their knitting?  I definitely do.  I tend to buy yarn in clumps, with the result that I frequently end up with multiple sweaters of yarn in nearly the same color.  This past summer it was kelly green.  Early this fall it was muted aqua.  And now that winter is approaching, I find myself obsessed with deep purples and wine colors.  Recognizing the problem, I have managed to limit myself to one sweater’s worth of wine colored yarn  – Araucania nature wool for Wisteria.  I have wanted to make Wisteria for awhile, but it doesn’t come small enough for me.  Nature Wool is really a light worsted/dk yarn, no matter what the label says, so hopefully it will allow me to make a smaller size (5″ of ease is not going to be working out.)  I also got some Beaverslide worsted to try out in a purple shade, but this is a lighter shade (or so I tell myself.)  I haven’t received it yet, but I really hope I like it – the colors are so pretty, and it is so economical.  I want to make Vivian from the new Twist, but I’m not sure it will work.  If not, I will be making something else pretty and tweedy!

Sock yarn though… that doesn’t count, right?  Sock yarn never counts, or so I hear.

This is the new Malabrigo Sock yarn in Abril.  When I heard about this yarn I had to get some.  It came untied in shipping, so I went ahead and wound it up – it was a nightmare to wind, with sections doubling back on one another.  I had to wind it by hand, which I never do, and it took well over an hour.  I’m not sure what pattern to use – I’m thinking of something from Knitting on the Road or Knitting Vintage socks – I haven’t done a Nancy bush pattern in awhile, and they are so wonderful.  This will become my next socks, because I don’t like to leave things wound into this sort of ball – it stretches the yarn.

I also convinced myself that yarn for a shawl would not count as part of my purple obsession.

This is Colourscape Chunky by Rowan in Northern lights.  The pictures truly do not do it justice, it is gorgeous!  I’m going to make Skye from this – it is shown in the Ghost colorway, but I fell in love with the deep colors here.  I think I will need to get my purple coat drycleaned so I can wear it with this!  One thing that is odd about this yarn is that the colorways look different in the same dyelot.  For instance, there is a lot of pink in that middle skein, but almost none in the one to the right.  Doesn’t matter in this sort of yarn.  I cannot wait to get started on this – it will be happening soon because I fear it will take ages!

I bought some more Malabrigo as well recently (it is a sickness I tell you… I love that yarn so much.)

On the left is Buscando Azul, which I have decided to use to make Vaila.  I tell myself that it is not purple, but I may be kidding myself.  This is a candidate for starting soon – it is snowing today, and I want a snuggley turtleneck!  I may redo the shaping to make the sweater more shaped – I think the A line shape might not be great on me, and I am a bit worried about reverse stockinette in the round.

But the pearl malabrigo is definitely not purple!  I will use it for the Just Enough Ruffles scarf.  Thank goodness Laura didn’t make this in purple, because I love it so much that I want mine to look like the original!

Finally, yarn that is in no way purple.

Dream in Color Classy in Chinatown Apple (+ 1 cat hair already… my house is cursed.)  I was not the biggest fan of this yarn when I made my February Lady, but I must confess that the colors will make me overlook the squeaky superwash yarn.  This colorway is amazing – it looks like Autumn to me!  I’m thinking of using this for the Climbing Vines Pullover, my favorite from the new IK.  I really like the idea of autumn colors with the leaves, but I’m not sure if it might overwhelm the pattern, or if indeed I will care with this pretty yarn.  I might need to make something simpler from this, but either way it’s gorgeous!

I finished Polly (pics soon!) and cast on for Baby Cables.  I was going to show you my progress, but it would appear I have been knitting a moebius, for the first time in at least a year.  I can’t figure out how I managed, but I did.  I think the pattern is cursed for me, and I’m planning to start something else instead – I will return to the sweater when the memory of having to start it twice already has faded.

12 thoughts on “Color periods

  1. I totally go through color periods – or really, just repetition of the same colors (royal blue, bright green, and dark purple.) I don’t really see this as a negative, as I’ve figured out what I colors look good on me, and I just stick with them!

  2. I just cast on my Just Enough Ruffles Scarf this afternoon. But I stayed with my recent color obsession….brown-ish. Can’t wait to see what you whip up next!

  3. I love your logic regarding your yarn 😀 I can get on board with it immediately! I go through phases too, my most recent being pinkish tones. It’s odd that you’ve highlighted your purple phase because it’s my favorite color. Now I must go on the hunt for some!

    I love my Just Enough Ruffles, scarf! I may have to make another in malabrigo though.

  4. I noticed recently that all the lace I have ever knit is blue or purple or perhaps blueish purple. Then I realized I have never knit a blue or purple sweater. (Well, except for one deeply unflattering indescretion that I have mostly blocked out of my memory.)
    I keep thinking about some red lace, just to shake things up.

  5. I tend to change colors in a different way – a period of charcoal grey, heathered anything, and then I’ll go to pastels, and then to brights, and so on. Love the purples.

  6. Oooh, I just finished a cardi from that Chinatown Apple Dream in Color, and it is really so dreamy and autumnal! And so soft and squishy. I’m with you, I’m going all jewel tones for the winter, with a sick amount of purplish yarn.

    Love that malabrigo!

  7. I so thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to every post – but realised today that I’ve neer commented! So here is my first comment – THANKYOU for keeping such an inspiring and juicy blog full of motivational conquering of knits, countless FOs and stunning photography!

    I’m loving the Ruffles scarf and might just have to knit one up myself!

    For me it’s a pretty consistent obsession with the greeny, aqua side of the colour wheel – my partner’s always groaning when I pick up a delcious skein of yarn, ooh and aahing over the “amazing shades and colours!” and hold it out for his admiring and he says “yeah, it’s lovley – just like the other identical 67 skeins at home”!! Ah well.. at least I know what I like!

  8. That is so funny! I am also currently in a purple obsession. I am currently trying to find the perfect saturated purple yarn with which to knit Rebecca from winter Twist. I’ve already knit a lavendar sweater this fall.

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