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New Twist and Interweave!

I totally admit that I’m a terrible pattern collector.  I will buy any book or magazine that I think I might want to make something out of someday (you know, just in case.)  Nothing makes me happier that a month with lots of new patterns!  I’ve already shown you Amber and the new Knotions (not out yet, but probably next week – I’m making those mittens out of bright red baby cashmerino.)  This week we got the new issue of the twist collective, and a preview for the winter IK.

Of course, I’m kind of picky too… I know what kinds of things will look good on me, as well as what I’m actually likely to knit (I’m a fan of worsted weight yarns, unlikely to knit sport and smaller.)  I thought that Twist, overall, was very good quality.  There were several designs that were just lovely.  I’m likely to knit KingScot, Vivian, and Garbo (below.)

Vivian is my favorite.. isn’t it gorgeous?  The cables remind me of my Honey sweater, and who doesn’t love a hoodie?  Garbo I would probably not have looked at, except the shape is similar to my minimalist cardigan, which I have been wearing constantly  Apparently I like this sort of jacket.  And Kingscot… well, I know I said no more Norah Gaughan, but I just love that front design so much!  Of course, the back has something weird going on.

It’s not ribbing exactly, it looks like some sort of cable (I haven’t bought the pattern yet to confirm.)  I would make this with a plain back, because I think the front already has enough going on.  Probably the stitch count would need adjusting, but it doesn’t look too bad.

There are two other sweaters in the issue that I think are lovely, Sylvi and Valia.

I have a pretty firm “No knit coats” policy, because I have more regular coats that anyone should ever need (it’s my other sickness) and because I don’t like knitting things that big.  On the other hand, this is bulky yarn, and that flower motif is some serious loveliness.  I may yet make this one!  Valia is knit in Malabrigo, which of course I love.  I think it’s a little big on the model there – it’s modeled with something like 3″ of ease.   I would make negative ease (either the 29 or 32″ size,) which would totally change the look of the sweater.  Love the long cuffs and the neck!

There are several other lovely patterns – a pretty cowl by Pam Allen, and some lovely colorwork mittens (colorwork and I are in a fight… I cannot knit with my right hand without pain, and it’s too slow the other way.)

Since when it rains it pours, and a whole host of other cliches, we also got the new Interweave preview this morning.  I’ll tell you right off the bat that I have been displeased with the last two issues of interweave (three if you include the Gifts issue.)  This one is better, but it’s still missing something for me.  My favorites below.

Out of these I am likely to make the Climbing vines pullover (because it looks like a Phildar pattern I own, but without the reverse stockinette… and again, it would look better with negative ease, and possibly more shaping?  I would need to see the pattern.)  I like the welt and rib sweater and Elaine’s Blouse (without the buttons on the back.)  Welt and Rib is knit in a lovey yarn (Manos silk blend) and would look nicer in a less boring color, but that’s true for lots in this issue (see all the pinky lavender?  I hate pinky lavender.)  I have to admit that I am drawn to bright colors, and in this way the Twist Collective really spoke to me, while this does not (I know you can change the colors of course, and I would, but my initial impression includes the sample color.)  On the other hand, I am probably attracted to the Blooming Cardigan (the first sweater above) because of the color – I am not a huge fan of belted cardis, and I already have a similar one by Kim Hargreaves in my queue.)  Same with the vest, although I might think it was lovely anyway – I would like to see it styled with pants, because I would never wear it the way it is modeled in the magazine.

I will await the galleries, which have frequently changed my opinion on sweaters.  I would like to see Interweave do something like vogue is doing now – a video of the clothes being modeled, which shows movement and all angles.  Twist is doing a fashion show with their sweaters, and there will be a video posted.

Now that most of the winter patterns are out, I can finally make that WEBs order I have been plotting.  I do love shopping for yarn on the net… I can take all the time I want, and I am a slow shopper by nature.

I am 3/4 finished with Polly (I love chunky yarn!)  I have a quick comment for anyone knitting this – keep in mind that it will relax a lot with blocking, since it is a sort of ribbed fabric.  My back grew from 14″ to 19″, and only shrank back to 18″ when dry (I did expect this, I wasn’t hoping for a 14″ back – in fact, I was praying for some serious stretch the whole time I was knitting!)