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On giving up…

Does anyone else find it hard to admit that a project is just not working out for some reason?  I’m trying really hard to get better, but I must confess that I feel guilty when I lay something down for good.  So what I said Sunday, about how I was going to make it through the Silken Scabbard?  Yeah, forget that.  I just really hate the way the pattern is written, I didn’t like the yarn I was using, and knitting an entire tunic from DK weight yarn in one piece just makes me feel like I’m not getting anywhere.

Guilt free, right?  Maybe not, but I will try to move on!  I started a new sweater instead, as the yarn for my baby cables sweater is not here yet (I chose the brown, thanks for your votes!)  This is Polly, from Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves (I swear, I should get paid for knitting so many of her designs!)

Unnecessary belting aside, it’s a cute basic sweater, and it’s going to knit up super fast.  Gauge is hard to measure because the textured stitch is so stretchy.  Mine measures small, but stretches easily, and this is superwash yarn (Elann superwash chunky) so I expect some stretching, especially from a heavy sweater.  Kim seems to use this stitch a lot (it was featured heavily in Honey, and the Skye wrap in her new book (the one I’m planning on making, now possibly from the called for yarn) also uses it.  I can see why she’s a huge fan – the resulting fabric is stretchy, and there are no purl rows.

I’m also making great progress on the “Simple yet effective” shawl, although I do have this to say: Dear Mr. Noro – what’s up with the one random bright color in the middle of every nice colorway?

I like the bright blue, but I am far less enamoured of that minty green.  It would seem that although I love greens, I really hate anything minty… reminds me of the color half the walls in my house were before we painted them.  I’m kind of wishing I had bought a different colorway, but I will withhold judgement for awhile… maybe it will get better, and maybe I’m being picky.

15 thoughts on “On giving up…

  1. I’m with you – it’s hard to cut bait, but sometimes it’s necessary. And I find once free of the offending sweater, i’m sooo much happier. On the noro, I often just snip out the colors I don’t like… works like a charm – as long as you aren’t short on quantities!

  2. Re the shawl – maybe the colorway will end up being “not you,” but I’m sure there’s someone you know who will love it! KWYM about Noro – the random pink in my blues was weird 🙂

    That’s a good question – I have had quite a few “regrets” projects myself. Don’t know if it’s guilt, or regret, or what exactly, but I find it hard to say “This isn’t going to be fun – I’m frogging it.” I tend to just leave them in UFO baskets for a long, long time. I think I want to change that habit!

  3. You may have inspired me to give up on a long never ending project. I can’t imagine picking it up, but because I have knit more than half of the darn thing I can’t seem to frog it either.

  4. I always have a hard time admitting that something isn’t going to work. I finally realized that Pasadena was not going to happen and right now it’s waiting to be frogged. Sometimes I just let things sit in my WIP pile for a super long time but that actually makes me feel more guilty then frogging!

  5. I’m not crazy about knitting one piece sweaters, especially in a skinny yarn and top down. Don’t feel guilty about setting aside Silken Scabbard, if you weren’t enjoying it- this hobby of ours is supposed to be fun!

  6. Your knitting tastes are very similar to mine and I always value your opinions, especially on things that I have wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to. And I too am a huge fan of Kim Hargreaves!

    When I frog something that I absolutely hate knitting, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe easier again.

    Also, a special thanks to you for keeping politics out of your blog! I think a knitting blog is not a place for that and in a lot of knitting blogs it has been done to death!

  7. It’s hard to put down a project and walk away but I think it’s much harder to keep pushing through when you hate it.

    Looking forward to your new sweater project :).

  8. I am horrible at admitting defeat! I’m still knitting Emily that I cast on… well, almost a year ago. Almost finished the front now, but I just don’t like knitting on it. I have to knit tightly to get gauge, and I think my gauge changes a LOT throughout the pieces.
    But I want to finish it so bad. 😛 I just don’t want to *knit* it, if that makes any sense…

    I think the Noro thing looks fine. 🙂 Maybe when you’ve finished the shawl it won’t be that noticeable?

  9. It is difficult to admit defeat. Sometimes I just leave a project in the closet for awhile and pick it up later – at that point, I may frog, I may get re-energized on it – it’s really a 50/50 proposition then.

    I’m irritated with Big Thaw Pullover for my husband – I haven’t blogged it as I want to surprise him, but I just bound off the body and I’m not loving the look of it. I think I need to wash it to see how it really will look before I get too upset with it.

  10. I LOVE the colourway of that Noro! I was looking at that thinking, hmm, I love that minty colour there.. then that’s the one you disliked the most.. hehe! May I ask what colourway it is? If you decide to frog it I would definitely buy it off you.. 😀

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