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One sock…

I don’t generally suffer from second sock syndrome.  If I can make it through the first one, I must like the pattern enough to finish.  Right now I am suffering from a bit of “second mitten syndrome,” but that’s because knitting fair isle with my right hand is kind of painful for me, so I’m not in a hurry.  Also, the weather keeps hovering around 70, which doesn’t inspire thoughts of mittens.  Where are you Autumn?  Oh well… at least my socks are autumn-y!

Tomorrow night I’m having two friends over for a first knitting lesson.  Any advice to give me on the best way to teach?  Things to start with?  I’m super excited about it… I must spread the knitting love around!  They both already crochet, so I’m teaching continental (I crocheted first, and continental was much easier for me to grasp.)

I got my copy of Amber this week, and right now I’m engaged in finding a sub for this wrap:

It calls for Rowan Colourscape chunky, which I think it overpriced.  There are lots of yarns with long color changes now, so I will look around (none of them are as nice as Noro for the colors, IMO, but they are all nicer in feel.)  Also, I would lose the belt.  I can’t think of a time when I really wanted to belt my shawl.  Any suggestions for a chunky yarn with color changes?

I’m also thinking of making this cardigan:

I have some Kid Classic that I was saving for a vest, but I now think I wouldn’t wear it, whereas this could be a wardrobe staple, especially in the nice gray I have (and I would have enough left over to make Soul, the lovely hat from the same book.)

Finally, I’m looking at getting some yarn to start “Baby Cables and Big ones too” over.  I decided I wanted nicer stitch definition than I was getting with the sylvan spirit, so I’m going with the yarn used in the pattern sample, which is discontinued and cheap.  The question is, which color?  I’m torn between the two below.  I love the pink because it looks similar to my favorite store bought sweater, which is in danger of wearing out.  Pink makes me nervous as a redhead, but I can usually wear brown based pinks.  The brown color is pretty too, very sophisticated but not gray (I have too  much gray yarn for some reason.)  What do you think?

20 thoughts on “One sock…

  1. I think you should use the brown. I love that sweater, and already have grey in my stash for it. I am sure yours will get done way before mine!

  2. I think both colors would be great. But I’m really commenting to offer a helpful tip for teaching new knitters – give them variegated yarn.

    I’ve learned that it’s easiest for new knitters to see the stitch they have to “catch” if the yarn changes color. If you give them variegated yarn then, usually, the row of stitches waiting to be knit and the row that one is currently knitting will be different colors and thus easier to distinguish from each other. I also start adults on needles in the US size 7-8 range and no larger. Too often I think that people are taught to knit on needles that are too large and that only makes the new finger movements feel more awkward.

    Good luck spreading the joy!

  3. I don’t really have an opinion as to a yarn to substitute for the wrap, but I totally agree with you about losing the belt. I personally hate belted sweaters, wraps, etc.

    My best friend is a redhead and she looks gorgeous in pink. I don’t want to encourage you in that direction though, if you have qualms about it.

    I love the Amber book, by the way.

  4. Yarn rec: I believe Naturally’s “Vero” is chunky.

    For the colour, I think it’s a good couple of choices there, because I think you won’t go wrong with either.
    Personally, I prefer the pink.

  5. I personally like the pink ( my favorite color). I have red hair also, & I wear a lot of pink. The brown is nice too. In fact, I like to wear those 2 colors together. 🙂 Not much help, but both colors are pretty.


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