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FO: Petersburg (sort of)

Pattern: Petersburg from Rowan 42 by Sarah Hatton

Yarn: Elann Highland Chunky, 9 balls

Needles: US 10.5 and US 9

Notes: I’m not sure when modeled shots will happen, so I’m going to go ahead with the FO post, but I promise modeled shots as soon as I can!

I made an exciting discovery with this sweater.  I can’t find one of my size 10.5 needle tips, so I tried using one 10.5 and one US 10.  I tend to have significant problems with rowing out (ie my purl rows being looser,) especially with a chunky yarn.  I tried combination knitting, but it made me crazy.  By knitting with the smaller needle for the purl rows my tension is nearly perfect!  Look at the sweater – even the wrong side of the stockinette you can see there looks super even!  I can’t believe I never thought of that idea before.  If you (like me) are a continental knitter with tension issues, give this a try.  I’m going to try this again in the future.

I knit this sweater to patterns specs with no modifications.  A few things to know:  because of the strange method of attaching the belt the sweater is several inches larger than it might be otherwise.  You could make the sweater using belt loops instead, but I would size down if you do.

I enjoyed using this yarn a great deal (as I have previously said.)  It’s nice and soft, with a slight halo.  The sweater is comfy, but perhaps not the most useful thing.  Maybe I just don’t get vests, but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to keep me warm… my arms are the cold part!

I actually finished the sweater a few days ago, but it takes forever for chunky yarns to dry.  In the meantime, I’ve cast on for both the sweaters I posted about in the last post.

Baby Cables was easy to cast on and set up (but be ready for two sets of markers!)  Garter stitch is always weird in the round because you have to purl, but I’m enjoying the cables so far (and the yarn – Sylvan Spirit isn’t the softest, but it is so beautiful!)

I also cast on for the Silken Scabbard with my Silky merino.  I knit for a bit before deciding that the yarn was wrong for the project.  I had trouble getting gauge, and I fear it would be too loose, and in addition it seemed like it would stretch out.  I want something more comfy for my sweater.

I decided to use the Laine du Nord Giunco I have in stash instead (see the stitch markers on Baby Cables above for the true yarn color – a lovely electric blue.)

I had trouble with the provisional cast on.  I usually use the crochet cast on, but in this case it seemed too bulky and I was having trouble with the cables so close to the cast on.  I went looking for a new way to do it, and I found the long tail provisional method (PDF file in the link.)  What a great method – so easy to do, and not bulky  at all!

My provisional cast on, let me show you it!

Now we will see how I do with these sweaters.  I am not a huge fan of top down you know, but both of these sweaters are lovely and modern, and I can’t wait to wear them!

21 thoughts on “FO: Petersburg (sort of)

  1. i Love that sweater. I’m not usually a big fan of chunky sweaters with lots of detail (and short sleeved too) but this is awesome!

  2. That’s a lovely Petersburg. I wear my sleeveless tops over close-fitting long-sleeved t-shirts but it is hard to find the right one. One day I’m going to find the perfect long-sleeve t; fitted, scoop neck, a bit of lycra but not too much and I’m going to buy one in every single colour they sell. Maybe two.

  3. love it! I’m a vest girl – and a great way to wear chunky yarn wihout looking too chunky yourself is a vest. (you’re tiny, so this isn’t a concern, but it does make vests fab for the rest of us!)

    I double over two long sleeves shirts that fit kind of tight on a cold day – and only one shirt on a not so cold one – am with the commenter above me – when I find the perfect one, I buy tons… two words – old navy.

  4. Wow, Petersburg is stunning! It looks so gorgeous and cushy. Can I have one? 😛 Btw, what type of camera do you use? Your FO pictures always come out so nice.

  5. Great idea with the two different size needles. I too have the same problem with my purl sides…will have to try it on my next project. Can’t wait to see the modeled pictures!

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