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First mitten!

My first mitten is complete!  I had to add a pattern repeat to the hand, but I left the thumb as written – it was short and tight before blocking, but it fits well enough now (I have really, um, muscular thumbs, so I have problems in every pair of mittens or gloves.)

Sarah Jane says that she’s going to start charging me for these photos (and for getting pet with damp mittens!)

The wrist is too big, but that is inevitable for me.  I could cast on fewer stitches for the ribbing, something to consider if you have teeny wrists like me.  This mitten took a long time, but that’s because I get wrist pain knitting with my right hand and have to take frequent breaks.

I got a start on Petersburg, and so far I am loving it (I am up past the belt holes now.)    I didn’t get this yarn color in the skein at all, but I love how it looks knit up (the color above is more accurate than my previous photo.)  My guage also loosened up, allowing me to knit the size small for about a 34.5″ finished bust (I want a slight bit of ease, but not too much.)  I’m not adding length because of my short waist, but I can see where it is a short vest and you might want to.

I love this yarn (Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky.)  It’s a soft two ply yarn, which knits up easily to 15 st/4 in.  It’s drapey yet sturdy feeling.  I will certainly use it again – I am already plotting what I will make in it next.

This is the ski jacket from Veronik Avery’s Knitting Classic Style. I have yet to make anything from this book, but I have really been considering this knit – I would love a classic ski jacket, and I have never cut a steek!  It calls for Lopi, but I hate Lopi  (sooo scratchy, I don’t care how well it wears.)  I like that it has color around the yoke but not over the whole sweater.  It would work well in this yarn, so maybe this will be part of my November yarn budget.  I might change the main color… it depends on the red for me.