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Getting ready for the cold

This morning it was cold enough to wear a coat (though it had warmed up by noon.)  Every year at this time I seem to go through an accessory period.  First of all, I’ve started some mittens.

These are the Herringbone mittens (PDF file link.)  The colors are actually more subtle – the purple is a heathered lavender, not electric purple… silly camera.  I’m using lamb’s pride worsted for the contrast color and cascade 220 for the main color.  I love lamb’s pride, while I wouldn’t want a scarf from it, I think it’s a lovely mitten yarn.  So soft and fuzzy!

Other accessory projects in my queue:

Gretel, knit in Moda Dea Silk n wool left over from my chanson en crochet.

Squirrely Swedish Mittens – in knitpicks sock yarn.  So cute!

Silk Garden Beanie – because I have one lonely skein to use up!

Maine Morning Mitts – Because I need short fingerless gloves, all mine are long.

La Gran Mittens – because they look fluffy and wonderful!  I want to make mine striped.

Grace Lace Beret – I have lots of this yarn.

Instant Gratification Scarf – in manos?  I have an extra skein of the one I made Gem with…. I also might get some malabrigo aquarella.

Scrappy lengthwise scarf – because I have a lot of leftovers.

Luxe neck warmer – because I bought the coat below, and now I need something to fit inside the neck when it gets cold.

Finally, I’ve swatched for a new knit, peterson from Rowan 42 in Elann Highland chunky.

The photo from the mag is awful (what is up with the styling?) so I never would have given it a second thought without ravelry!  Go here to see it looking pretty.

I was not able to get 14 st/ 4 in, so I’m knitting a larger size – that’s ok, since I have 1300 yards of this yarn.  No chance I will run out.  The color I’m unsure of – is it teal?  Purple?  Turple?  I think it will work for a vest, and I really want to use up stash right now.  Guess I’ll try it and see!

12 thoughts on “Getting ready for the cold

  1. What a great coat.
    It was below freezing here this morning, I was glad to be wearing a luxe neck warmer until the sun warmed things up a bit again.
    I so get it when you call that swatch Turple!!

  2. My coat has a neck like that and I never did figure what to knit for under it last year – i went in the mitten direction – was thinking a cowl in a lighter sock yarn – I’ll wait to see how your plan works out and maybe be inspired? The herringbone mitts look lovely and i can’t wait to see the rowan – your knits are always so lovely, enjoy! thea

  3. I love that yarn and am looking forward to seeing the completed project. I really like your choice of winter accessories. Thanks for introducing me to them, I’ve picked three of those to work on also.

  4. What’s your experience knitting with Lamb’s Pride Worsted? I ended up buying 3 balls yesterday at a LYS for a second Talia from Knitty. Does it shed as much as people say?

    I’m also working on Gretel too, except it took me a long time to get past tubular cast-on, and I’m still not sure if I’m doing it correctly.

    P.S. That coat is so Audrey Hepburn! I love her style. =)

  5. I would have never taken a second look at that Rowan sweater/vest either but you are right, the folks on Ravelry did it proud. Makes me want to take a second look at it. And you will love the Luxe neckwarmers–they are so easy to knit and wonderful to wear. I made about a dozen last year for Christmas presents out of all kinds of yarns. And the Squirrel Mittens are a delight. Thanks for adding to my Ravelry queue!

  6. I knitted Petersburg, and I love it 🙂 If I were to reknit it though I’d change the holes for the belt and add loops instead, the holes don’t look good 😛

  7. That’s my photo of Petersburg on Ravelry that you linked to … thanks so much for the compliment! I love the Cocoon yarn, and get a lot of wear out of this piece. I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

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