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Book Review: Glam Knits

Thank you for all the nice comments on my sweater – I’m going to wear it tonight to a debate party (go team Obama!)  I’m still working on my hat, which isn’t a quick knit, being in fingering weight, but I think it’s going to be cute!  I’m about to cast on for my next sweater, Ingenue from Custom Knits (as soon as I decide if my yarn is going to work or not.)

I have a book review for you today, but first you get to admire my new haircut/color.

The color is a little darker than usual (I wanted to be autumnal) and I have bangs!  I haven’t had them since the 7th grade, but I thought it was time to give my forehead a little break.  If I like them I will get even more cut next time.  It also has a lot more layers than normal.

Ok, bad photos of me over, on to my review!

I was about to place a knitpicks orders (I got a whole bunch of their DPNs) when I saw this book had gone into stock.  I loved her previous book, Fitted Knits, so I was really excited to see this one.

Initial thoughts?  Well, it is very different from her last book.  There are fewer raglans (although there are plenty.)  This book focuses on using luxurious yarns in your knitting, and uses such lovely fibers as Malabrigo, Silk Raphsody, and Cash Vero.

The book is basically divided by type of garment – pullover, dresses, cardigans, and accessories.  It should be noted that the dress section only contains one thing I would call a dress (the cover garment,) one skirt, and a few sweaters that I think are not long enough to be dresses… but perhaps that is just me.  One of them (below) is really cute, but I would wear it over pants or a skirt.

Sizing is not as great at the small end of the scale as it could be.  Fitted Knits had the same problem – plenty of sweaters that start at a 35 or 36″ bust.  This one has fewer sweaters that start there, but it is still a problem for a few garments, frustrating if you are considering making one.

Schematics are clear, and the instructions appear to be detailed.  I will confess to you that I bought this book primarily to get the pattern for the sweater Stefanie was wearing in her author photo for Fitted Knits, and it does not disappoint.

I will be getting yarn for this one immediately.  Smallest size is a 33″ bust, perfect for me.

I’m not sure how I feel about this book otherwise.  I think I will need to see some FOs – the highly stylized and posed way this book is styled is distracting for me, and makes it difficult to imagine the garments in real life.  The use of luxury fibers is nice, but it does make substitution a challenge sometimes.

I quite like the hoodie (knit in Malabrigo) I think, but again I find myself unable to visualize it outside of the book.  The kimono cardigan, knit in Lorna’s laces angel, looks pretty, but is hard to see.  Same with the others pictured below.  So, a mixed review at first impression, but I may revisit my thoughts later.

Items in my queue for now: the author sweater, the hoodie, and maybe the first sweater above (knit in Malabrigo aquarella,) but maybe I just like the yarn.

I suggest checking this one out for yourself!

21 thoughts on “Book Review: Glam Knits

  1. Coming out from behind the lurking tree – love the hair. So soft around the face. Super cute.

    Stephanie’s ‘author’ sweater looks like the real prize of the book – and we’ve been looking at it for so many years waiting and waiting …

  2. Thanks for the review of the book. She is the speaker at a 2-day design event I am attending at the end of this month, and hopefully she will bring samples from the book. The cost of the event includes a copy of the book, so your photos are the first peek I’ve had. I am excited to meet her and hear her design/fit tips.

    I think your hair looks great. Even though you haven’t had them in a while, I think the bangs suit you.

  3. Love the sweaters, but I’m wondering how much glam is in the sweaters and how much is in the contorted poses of the models! (Eeeek! Is that what that sweater will do to me?) But seriously, I love sweaters from the 30’s and these have the flavor of that golden era of knitting.

  4. Thanks for the review and posting so many pictures. It is so helpful to be able to make an informed decision before ordering online. Nice hair too 😉

  5. Her hair looks amazing! I love that color! I actually went to my colorist at one time and asked for that very shade, but she gently told me that it just wouldn’t suit my complexion. Sigh. I guess I’ll just stay a brunette. 🙂

  6. Love the color! And as always, I love your posts. 🙂 Which is unusual for me, since I’m a McCain fan and usually, if you’re on the other side of the fence and make me aware of it … 🙂 What can I say, I simply love your sweaters and your style of writing. Keep it up!

    And bangs are fun, but you might find yourself sick of them soon. I have the same cut, but the bangs are slowly starting to disappear once again… 🙂

  7. I like the haircut — it becomes you. And, the photo is actually very cute too.

    The book review was very helpful, and tastefully done. As for knitted dresses, all I can add is that I would find many, many reasons not to ever wear a knitted dress. But, I agree with you that the one you showed would be great as a top over skirts or pants. But as a dress, really I just can’t imagine where one’s butt would go (actually I can, and it isn’t a pleasant thought).

    Best wishes,

  8. I love the hair, too. I like your hair best a little on the short side. And, well, I’m partial to red! 😉

    I love the sweater she’s wearing in the Fitted Knits photo, too! I was really disappointed to find it wasn’t in the book. I’m not sure I’m willing to buy another book to get it, especially since I don’t think any of those other designs would suit me.

    Thanks for the review!

  9. Love the hair color and cut, and your latests knits. I’ve got Custom Knits on my wish list. Not sure what I would knit from it, but I do love to collect knitting books and browsing through them on rainy afternoons 🙂

  10. Definitely great hair! I’m interested to see Glam Knits in person… I think there are several patterns I’d like to knit. Your Lion Neck Cardigan is lovely!

    P.S. I’ve nominated you for a blog award 🙂

  11. Your hair looks AMAZING. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of dyeing my hair red next time.. I think I’d need a red colour like yours for it to be pretty. I’m getting sick of the blonde. 😉 Then maybe I’ll go back to being blonde next summer…

    So disappointing when there aren’t many patterns in small sizes. I give up on trying to resize if it’s too much (like from a 35″ to a 32″) and just skip them. But it looks like there are some cute patterns in there…

  12. i have been obsessed with the sweater stephanie is wearing in hes author photo from fitted knits and am SO happy to find that she’s putting the pattern out there! hooray!
    thanks for the review.

  13. Wow, that’s what I thought with my copy of fitted knits – I love the sweater Stephanie is wearing. So funny how many others thought that too. It does seem to be the only thing I’d actually knit from her new book. I think I will wait to see the comments on Ravelry about this sweater before making any decisions. Thanks for the review.

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