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FO: Lion neck cardigan

Pattern: Lion Neck Cardigan, from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard

Yarn: RYC Soft Tweed in Mist, 7.5 balls

Needles: US 10.5

Notes: I didn’t really blog this sweater, but it was a really quick knit.  It’s knit in one piece from the top down, with the ruffle picked up and added on at the end.  This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit with bulky yarn, and I didn’t think the needle size was too bad.

What I didn’t enjoy: the yarn.  Seriously, I know why this stuff was discontinued.  I saw a comment on Ravelry that it’s like knitting with polar fleece, and I think that’s pretty accurate.  It’s firm and unyielding, with no real bounce.  It grows like mad in length after blocking.  It isn’t tweedy, no matter what the label says.  But I used up stash yarn, so in spite of the unpleasant knitting experience, it can’t be all bad!

Sizing for this pattern is strange.  It isn’t meant to close in the front, so the finished sizes are really tiny looking.  I knit the medium at a tighter gauge and probably got a size close to the small.  It is about 2 inches smaller than my bust size without the ruffles.   The sleeves are short, which surprised me – I’m usually fine with sleeves as written, but these could be a good 5 inches longer.    They are also tight,  and I have small arms, so keep that in small. The crocheted ties could be more sturdy, and I’m thinking of replacing them with icord.

Having said all that, for a bulky sweater this thing is really flattering.  My husband really loves the neck, and I agree – it is such a nice feature, though it was a pain to knit.  I would recommend this pattern, keeping in mind the problems that I have mentioned.  I am happy with mine, and will wear it often!

The antidote to all this bulk yarn?

A nice hat knit in fingering weight (gloss by knitpicks.)  Ah, tiny needles… how I love you!

20 thoughts on “FO: Lion neck cardigan

  1. It is very flattering! But if the small is small on you, I don’t know whom it would fit.

    I did a sweater in this yarn, and I do recall that it hurt my wrists to knit. I love how soft and spongy it is to wear, though.

  2. This looks great on you! It’s so nice to see your version, as I wasn’t impressed by the photo in the book. The collar is very flattering, too.

  3. Came out gorgeous, despite your complaints about the yarn…it’s about as slim and elegant as a sweater knit in bulky yarn could possibly be!

    Girl, you sure do crank these sweaters out. If only I could keep pace with you….you make at least 4 or 5 for every one I finish. It’s inspiring.

  4. So true about the Soft Tweed texture. It’s so deceptive! It seems really soft and cushy at first, but becomes kind of uncomfortable to knit with because of the lack of stretch. Mine is somewhat tweedy, though (faintly: blue specks here and there on a slightly heathery beige/gray background), so maybe the tweediness varies by color.

  5. This is the first completed project I’ve seen from Custom Knits, and even though I wasn’t won over by the book at first, I am now! I didn’t even realize the yarn was bulky at first glance. The finished sweater looks great on you – as do all your creations! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.

  6. I don’t mind knitting with Soft Tweed, and I love how it feels to wear, but the way it grows is what scares me about it. I’m so impressed that you found a way to avoid the enormity of a blocked sweater knit in Soft Tweed – my Willow sweater was ruined after I blocked it.

  7. The cardigan turned out really great! and the color is just perfect too! I have seen that yarn for sale before and I always wondered how they could call it tweed. Anyway, it really looks like a cardi you could throw on over anything. Very pretty!

  8. I really like it! I was on the fence about this design, but I like yours. I’ve used the Soft Tweed once before for a sweater for Jim, and I didn’t mind it. But now I’ve gotten so used to smaller needles, it is almost annoying to knit with large ones now.

  9. I love that collar, although what a pain to pick up all those stitches! If this sweater is tight on you, I can’t imagine what it’s like on other people…

  10. Love the sweater! Wendy came to the yarn shop that I work at, two weeks ago and she was so nice explaining things to the customers. You always do such a nice job!

  11. If you had knit the med on gauge would the sleeves have been too tight? I’m thinking of making this one but I had tight sleaves and I take a med. Your work is inspiring, can’t wait to start every project you seem to fly through!

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