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Knitting categorization

This morning over breakfast at Bob Evan’s, Marc turned to me and said “do you think you’ll ever get tired of knitting?”  It’s a good question, and while I can’t say a difinitive “no,” it’s already outlasted my previous hobbies (with my cross stitch I used to get burned out regularly.)  I explained to him that there are so many different types of things to make that I don’t get bored, and anyway I like wearing sweaters (I could have used one this morning; it was 52 when we left the house, but work had the air conditioning on.)

I’m willing to self label myself a sweater knitter.  I love wearing them, and to me they are the most satisfying knitting.  I even feel a little guilty when I work on smaller projects (or on my blanket, which is slowly getting there.)  But sometimes I want to knit other things, even if it is out of necessity (I knit socks from necessity, not love, same with the occasional scarf.)  Right now I want to knit mittens.  I’ve tried two patterns, but both ended up ripped.  One (the Druid mittens from the fall vogue) had cableing on too many rows, and it was making me nuts.  The other was crocheted, and I found too many errors in the pattern to go on.  So I’ve decided to make some nice mittens with worsted weight yarn, specifically these:

These are a pattern called “Herringbone mittens.”  I’m not sure on a yarn yet.  Ialso need to order new DPNs – I want to try the Knitpicks Harmony ones in larger sizes.  I hate normal bamboo DPNs (I can only seem to get takumi around here) and I would like the chance to knit things in the round sometimes.

The other new thing (for me) that I want to make is Christmas stockings.  I was trying to think of a gift for my Mother-in-law.  She has handknit stockings for all her children, but none for her in-laws, and I know she would like to have them all match.  I found the pattern on the left below, which is free and uses bulky yarn.

While I was looking, I also found the stocking on the right.  It’s from last year’s Interweave gifts issue.  I love the color combo, and think it would look really nice in my piano room, which is where the tree will go this year (we have a white tree with hot pink lights, don’t ask.)  I’d like to knit two of them, but it may be a long term goal, since I have many things to get to, and I will knit my Mother-in-low’s first.

Finally, it struck me that I need some more hats (or hat type things.)  I have two that I wear (I gifted my kitty hat to a friend who loves it.)  I’ve decided to be the last person on the bandwagon and make a calorimetry.

There are several on Ravelry made using Berroco Jasper that look great, so I may use that. I’ve wanted to try it, and this would be a small way.

So there you go.  Once I finish my scarf, one of these projects will take up residence as my small project, and this time I refuse to feel like I’m neglecting my sweaters!

My next post will probably include a finished minimalist cardigan – I am on the last sleeve, and I am hoping to power through it tonight after work.  The moss stitch was not as bad as I thought, but I won’t be rushing to make something else in that stitch next.

13 thoughts on “Knitting categorization

  1. I made a Calorimetry for both myself and my daughter out of Patons SWS. Turned out a bit too itchy for my sensitive forhead so looks like I will also be churning one out soon. Maybe in Malabrigo…something really soft…..

    I look forward to seeing your MC!

  2. My husband asks me that question all the time, too. He’s afraid I’ll burn out and then he’ll be stuck with all these bins of yarn. 😛 But I’m still going strong after almost 3 years!

    I just finished my first project with Harmony DPNs (size 6), and found them to be much, much smoother and more pointy than the Takumi/Clover ones.

  3. I hear you! I love making sweaters, but I also really like socks. I probably will never knit a scarf again willingly, although I have a few in my Ravelry queue. Those mittens look fantastic. I’ve got about 15 pairs of mittens I want to make, but I think I’ll have to make a pair of plain black gloves first… Good luck with your cardigan. I like moss stitch, but I can’t imagine an entire sweater out of it!

  4. Knitting has outlasted all my other hobbies by far. For me it’s the variety. But of course some day I’m going to have to go back and finish the cross stitch birth announcement for my 6 year old son… but I think the rest of the cross stitch UFOs will stay that way. sigh

  5. I have wondered that question too. I taught myself because my new mother-in-law told me it was to hard for me. condensendingly. so..I taught myself. 3 years or so now and even though I don’t have a lot of FO’s..I still love it. It has kept me sane when nothing else will.

    I love your blog. I love the colors you chose for your home. I I am jealous :).

    I use metal DPNs and want to buy some knitpicks nickels..have u ever used those? I have Addi DPNs and they do not bend, and smooth as silk. But I lost most of them in the 6 moves in 2 years. ug.


  6. “it’s already outlasted my previous hobbies (with my cross stitch I used to get burned out regularly.) ”

    That sounds familiar. It describes me as well! Here’s hoping your knitting addiction lasts. Your projects are beautiful, and inspiring to all us knitters new to the sweater-making world.

    Note of warning on the calorimetry – in case you haven’t already noticed, it turns out extremely large, so unless you like hats that cover your head, hair and everything, you might want to decrease the number and length of the rows. I found out the hard way. The first one I knitted was beautiful but made me look bald, so I gave it away to a friend with big hair. 🙂 My second one isn’t on ravelry, but it’s about half the size and turned out perfect!

  7. I can’t believe how fast you knit. Every time I look at your blog you’ve finished something! You put me to shame!

    I’ve been knitting on and off for the best part of 30 years, I’ve had a love affair with cross stitch which has waned for the moment. I’ve found quilting but I’m still knitting!

  8. I love the herringbone mittens. Are you publishing the pattern on
    Thank you for the wonderful website. I love reading your blogs and have learned alot from this website.
    patty v

  9. Where did you find the pattern for the red and white snowflake stocking? That is a project I’d like to take on for this christmas, and I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern.

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