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Knitting categorization

This morning over breakfast at Bob Evan’s, Marc turned to me and said “do you think you’ll ever get tired of knitting?”  It’s a good question, and while I can’t say a difinitive “no,” it’s already outlasted my previous hobbies (with my cross stitch I used to get burned out regularly.)  I explained to him that there are so many different types of things to make that I don’t get bored, and anyway I like wearing sweaters (I could have used one this morning; it was 52 when we left the house, but work had the air conditioning on.)

I’m willing to self label myself a sweater knitter.  I love wearing them, and to me they are the most satisfying knitting.  I even feel a little guilty when I work on smaller projects (or on my blanket, which is slowly getting there.)  But sometimes I want to knit other things, even if it is out of necessity (I knit socks from necessity, not love, same with the occasional scarf.)  Right now I want to knit mittens.  I’ve tried two patterns, but both ended up ripped.  One (the Druid mittens from the fall vogue) had cableing on too many rows, and it was making me nuts.  The other was crocheted, and I found too many errors in the pattern to go on.  So I’ve decided to make some nice mittens with worsted weight yarn, specifically these:

These are a pattern called “Herringbone mittens.”  I’m not sure on a yarn yet.  Ialso need to order new DPNs – I want to try the Knitpicks Harmony ones in larger sizes.  I hate normal bamboo DPNs (I can only seem to get takumi around here) and I would like the chance to knit things in the round sometimes.

The other new thing (for me) that I want to make is Christmas stockings.  I was trying to think of a gift for my Mother-in-law.  She has handknit stockings for all her children, but none for her in-laws, and I know she would like to have them all match.  I found the pattern on the left below, which is free and uses bulky yarn.

While I was looking, I also found the stocking on the right.  It’s from last year’s Interweave gifts issue.  I love the color combo, and think it would look really nice in my piano room, which is where the tree will go this year (we have a white tree with hot pink lights, don’t ask.)  I’d like to knit two of them, but it may be a long term goal, since I have many things to get to, and I will knit my Mother-in-low’s first.

Finally, it struck me that I need some more hats (or hat type things.)  I have two that I wear (I gifted my kitty hat to a friend who loves it.)  I’ve decided to be the last person on the bandwagon and make a calorimetry.

There are several on Ravelry made using Berroco Jasper that look great, so I may use that. I’ve wanted to try it, and this would be a small way.

So there you go.  Once I finish my scarf, one of these projects will take up residence as my small project, and this time I refuse to feel like I’m neglecting my sweaters!

My next post will probably include a finished minimalist cardigan – I am on the last sleeve, and I am hoping to power through it tonight after work.  The moss stitch was not as bad as I thought, but I won’t be rushing to make something else in that stitch next.