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Is it winter yet?

No… it’s pretty warm outside.  But it’s coming – and so I’m starting some winter accessory projects!  First up is my very own one row scarf.  I cast on 30 stitches for a nice snuggley scarf, but not as wide as the one I made for Marc last year.

Yarn is Malabrigo in Paris Night – so soft and lovely!  This pattern is a wee bit tedious, but it’s great purse knitting (if you have a giant purse like me!)

I’m also making Brooklyn Tweed’s Druide Mittens, from the Fall Vogue (I know, 2 projects from Vogue, crazy!)

Yarn is Harrisville New England Shetland.  I’m using size 1 needles – somehow glove and mitten patterns always call for size 3, and there is never any way that would work for me.  This is actually a little bigger than gauge, but I have giant pianist hands, so I need a bigger size (I have to buy men’s gloves…) The pattern is fun, but it looks involving… I’m planning to concentrate hard on these this week!

Finally, I started a new sweater.

This is the Minimalist Cardigan from last Fall’s IK in Valley Yarns Colrain.  I love the combo of color and texture, and so far the moss stitch is not bad.  I’m knitting at a tighter gauge to achieve a size 32″ bust, and I’m thinking about messing with the sleeve pattern a bit.  I’m not going to focus on this just yet – right now I am enamoured of my mittens!

I did swatch for a few things, for instance Tess in Cascade Revolution.

The ball band states 2 st/in, but I am not able to get that… this is 2.5 st/in on size 15 needles.  I will not make this sweater until I can get larger circular needles – I do not knit with straight needles anyway, and these are like tree trunks!

I tried to wind some Malabrigo Silky merino, but all my skeins are epically tangled in the skein.  Is this a common problem?  It’s going to take hours to fix, and right now I don’t have the patience.

Seriously, this is the worst yarn I’ve ever seen for tangles, and it’s all kinky as well.  I wonder if I got a bad batch?  The yarn is lovely, but it seems like a lot of trouble.

Thanks for all the compliments on Old Penny (Sarah Jane says thanks too for all the love!)  I really love the sweater, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cold enough to wear it!

12 thoughts on “Is it winter yet?

  1. i love all the yarn colors that you picked out…you are such a fast knitter, and your sweaters always make me want to try to knit a sweater…but i’m not sure if i’m ready for such a task.

  2. The purple Malabrigo is so beautiful. I have never seen that colorway before, but it will make a lovely scarf. I had a skein of Schafer yarn that was in a horrible state like your silky merino, and it took me HOURS to untangle it. I almost gave up, but now it is turning into a mighty fine lace scarf. I guess it was worth the effort 😉

  3. I do think you’ve got a bad batch of Silky Merino – I’ve tried a couple of different colorways with no problems. Looking forward to seeing your mittens!

  4. yes, i had the same problem with my malabrigo silky merino. Yours actually looks like the same color as mine. It took me 2 days of winding by hand for a an hour or so, but it really is worth it. I made a lovely lacey scarf as a gift for my son’s teacher and the lace pattern was really nice with this yarn.
    Your knitting is so beautiful. I wish I had a the guts to try a sweater again, but my first one was just ugh. Fun to knit but I knew and understood nothing about sizing it correctly. You do an amazing job. thanks for sharing.

  5. HMM I don’t know what’s up with your silky Malabrigo. I just wound 7 skeins for a sweater, and had a little trouble at first-it wants to stick to itself, but once I got it going it was ok…

  6. I’m still admiring your Old Penny Cardigan. Could you tell me the color number or name you used? When I looked up the yarn on line the green I found wasn’t nearly as nice as the green in your photos.

  7. You’ve certainly got some knitting mojo going on! 🙂 I love the look of the Minimalist cardi, I bet it’ll be beautiful.

    And Old Penny is so pretty on you, too – I love that shade of green! I’ve always felt a bit nervous about using pins to close cardigans.. What if a stitch snaps or pulled totally out of shape, that kind of stuff. It probably depends on the pin… 😉

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