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FO: Old Penny Cardigan

Pattern: Old Penny Cardigan, from Vogue Knitting Fall 08 by Veronik Avery

Yarn: Valley Yarns Williamstown, 10 balls

Needles: US 5 and 3

Notes: For something started on impulse it’s turned out very well!  I added 1″ in length to the body, and I opted not to add any sort of closure (the pattern calls for snaps, but I will not wear a cardigan fully closed that way.)

There were quite a few errors in this pattern.  The fronts have several problems, which are noted on my Ravelry entry for this cardigan.  The instructions for picking up the stitches for the edging are also a little vague, and I’m not sure that the numbers add up, but I’m not certain enough to call it an error.

I loved working with this yarn – it was tweedy but soft, and the acrylic content gives it a nice stretch.  It was also pretty easy to seam with, a big deal for a soft tweed (usually I find I have to seam with an alternate yarn when knitting with tweeds.)  The upper sleeves are a little roomy, at least in comparison with the tightness of the lower sleeve, so I might revise this if making it again.  In fact, since it is a raglan, I might consider making the whole thing in one piece.

The pattern didn’t specify, but I used the larger needles for the edging.   The small ones would have pulled in too much.  In fact, I would tend to use the same needles for the whole thing – the sleeve ribbing doesn’t need to be that small.

I love the outcome of this pattern, and I’m certain I will wear this constantly during the winter (and I may need a new, non purple, shawl pin to go with it!

Sarah Jane approves of this message (and the sweater)