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First a knitting preview… the Old Penny Cardigan is finished!

As soon as it finishes drying and I can get my photographer during the daylight hours I will have a post about it with modeled photos.  I will say that I am much more pleased than I expected, and that the errata, such as it is, is really not that bad and is confined to the fronts only.

And now a house preview.  I am on the last room of my big painting project (the bathroom is going to wait until we can afford to redo it properly, I suspect it may be my Christmas present this year.)  I am still incredibly sick, so this room has been slow going, especially as I had to remove wallpaper.  Here is the room before painting (but after wallpaper removal)

And here it is this afternoon, before the final coat of paint.

I had to adjust the levels on this photo (it was looking very blue green on my monitor, and it isn’t at all) but it looks close on my screen now.  The color is “terrarium” by Martha Stewart paints.  Green is (obviously) my favorite color, but after painting many rooms in many houses green I have come to realize that it’s always best to choose the darker option, lest you end up with slimey looking walls (ask me how I know!) This color looked too dark on the card, but on the walls it is just what I wanted!  The tiles in the fireplace are a blend of green and rose, and I think this paint compliments the green better than the previous pale blue wallpaper.

About the fireplace… the previous owners painted the entire thing, including the tiles, white.  Most of the paint is off the tiles and they look great, but I still need to paint the grate/screen thingy (what do you call it in old gas fireplaces like these?)  All the other screens in the house (which are identical to this one) are black.

I am unable to sleep when I’m sick, thus the late night posting.  I’m also doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of life… doing this work on the house has brought up old dreams that I forgot about.  I love old buildings and am passionate about their preservation and restoration.  I also love design, and for a long time wanted to be an interior designer.  I would love to find a way to combine those things in a job… or something.  Ah… who know, but thinking about it is fun!

19 thoughts on “Previews

  1. Your Old Penny is gorgeous! The green really pops the tile on the fireplace, looks lovely on my monitor. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. The sweater looks amazing! And I think you described my dream job too! But instead I work in a historic building in Washington, DC 🙂 Also, you have sparked my lvoe for old victorian homes! I might be moving to a new city and state soon and have been looking for nothing but older victorians!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Didn’t you just start that sweater? Wow! That was fast, fast, fast!!!

    The green walls look great! And they do bring out the color in the tiles…so very pretty!

  4. I can’t wait to see the modeled shots of the sweater! I noticed it in the magazine (I always like Veronik Avery’s designs), but I really couldn’t decide how I felt about it given how they styled it in the magazine (not a fan of the belt over the sweater).

  5. I’m so inspired by the way you’re redoing your house. As a prop person who’s had to track down many of those cast iron facades I can tell you that the real name is a hob. A nice British name for it I think.

  6. Just discovered your blog recently, it’s fantastic! I’m on a bit of a green kick now too so I totally understand the attraction.

    As for career, I’m an architecture conservator and it was such a revelation for me when I realized I could actually get paid to investigate and preserve historic buildings. Such a worthwhile career and there are loads of programs out there offering classes or certificates. I highly encourage you to look into it, since you’re already doing such a great job with the house!

  7. Hi!! just discovered your blog by accident ( I’m beginning to knit and trying to learn through the internet ), and I’m amazed of the beautiful sweaters you’re knitting!!! Congratulations. I’m also ver crafty, I’m alwayd doing things and like you love old houses, decoration, and almost all kind of crafts….plus I paint ( you have to try ). I will pass by, and I would love to have some counsel in order to be able to learn to knit like you!!!! ( sorry for my english I’m spanish – europe )

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