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Yarn diet=broken

It was bound to happen, of course. My resolve to knit only out of stash was broken by all the fall knits.  I’m ok with that though, since it was more of an accidental diet brought on by moving, than it was some sort of philosophical position.

Before we get to new yarns, check out my coin cables!

This is the first time I’ve done a coin cable.  I’m enjoying it – sort of different from the standard crosses.  I would say this pattern definitely has some errors.  The back was fine (except that I knit it twice, thinking the first try was too small,) but the front has issues.  The setup row for the cables doesn’t line up, so I fixed that, and then one of the cables is missing its surrounding purl stitches (once I noticed that I dropped back to fix it, so it’s fixed here.)  So it would appear that they were right – Vogue patterns are error city  – but I’m enjoying this knit, so I won’t complain too much.  At least the errors are easily caught by looking at the pattern photo.

Now how about a few yarn pictures?

Malabrigo in Paris Night, to knit myself a One Row Scarf.  I keep stealing Marc’s, so when I saw that Sophie’s is now carrying Malabrigo I had to pick some up to make my own.  The color is pretty – a deep blend of grays, purples, and blues.

Harrisville New England Shetland, to make Brooklyn Tweed’s Druid Mittens from the Fall 08 vogue.  I have never made mittens, but these are so pretty – and maybe, unlike gloves, they might keep my hands warm?

More malabrigo, this time Silky Merino in Mint Frappe.  I bought this to make the Silken Scabbard, since I didn’t have any suitable DK weight yarn.  I’ve never knit with this before, and I am so looking forward to it!

Reynolds Odyssey, a new yarn this fall.  It’s a blend of merino and rayon, and has a nice drapey appearance, similar to a wool/silk blend.  I want to make Ingenue from Custom Knits using this – the pattern calls for Karabella Marble, a yarn that contains the dreaded alpaca, so I think a blend with rayon would sub nicely (it may be a little thinner, but I can just knit a size up.)

Cascade Bollicine revolution, super bulky yarn that was super duper cheap on closeout, to make Tess from Heartfelt.  I didn’t like any of the clearance colors of Big Wool I could find, so I hope I like this yarn!

And some more Colrain, to make a minimalist cardigan.  My first choice yarn for this pattern turned out to be too thin, and I couldn’t turn down this beautiful chestnut color!

Ok, yarn buying is over for awhile now again, but wasn’t it fun?

11 thoughts on “Yarn diet=broken

  1. Yarn buying IS so much fun! I had to smile at this post, because I broke my yarn diet today — badly. Very badly. Today was the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Fair here in my home town. 75 yarn vendors in 2 ballrooms and oh my, I did indulge. Lots of yummy yarn, some patterns, pairs of addi-turbos and a wonderful olive green Namaste bag. All at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. Your Colrain in chestnut is soooo nice!

  2. I was doing pretty well not buying yarn–until I discovered the destash board on Ravelry. I fell down hard. But I now have some Silky Merino of my own, and some Kid Classic, and enough Berroco Pleasure to make the Winter Wonderland Coat, and another skein of Lorna’s Laces to turn the short sleeves on my Sahara into long sleeves…

  3. Gorgeous stuff! I am soooo in love with Malabrigo – I keep the Webs page open to it just to ogle it and drool. And I really wish that person hadn’t mentioned the Ravelry destash board! Must…resist…buying…yarn…

  4. I actually just made a cowl out of Malabrigo Worsted in Paris Night and it’s sooo soft and delicious. I love the colorway, also, it’s really beautiful. LOVE all your choices and that chestnut color for the Minimalist Cardi will look so autumny – yum!

  5. Yes, it was lots of fun. 🙂 I love seeing other people update their stash – I will be knitting from mine for a looong time. At least until I get a job.

    I love the colours you’ve chosen – and your Vogue sweater looks very nice. 🙂

  6. Oh….I dream of yarn! I’ve always had the dream to own a yarn shop! Imagine to be able to have all your favorites, all the most beautiful colors for every season, all in one room just for you and your friends! Every knitter has a love affair with yarn…and a desire to have the time to make everything we can imagine, in every color! I have a very strong desire to go yarn shopping!!!! I’ve held out as long as I can….now where’s my purse?

  7. What a fun yarn shopping expedition! I love that you shop with a plan in mind – how organized. I think you’ll like that Cascade bulky yarn – I knit a ton with Cascade Magnum, which is quite similar. It knits up really well. You can make a thicker fabric if you knit on 17s and looser with 19s (I knit really loosely). Good luck with all the cleanup, the mold and the knitting projects.

  8. I am in love with that green yarn. I just ordered it to make my own sweater with. Thank you so much for this post! I’m redoing my house too. I just love the colors you’ve selected. So rich and bold!

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