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And the winners are…

Yes, I couldn’t decide on just one, so I cast on for two sweaters!

Old Penny

and Bianca’s jacket.

Old Penny will be a quick knit – it has no cables on the back.  Unfortunately, I think it’s coming out rather small, so I’m going to restart using a size larger needle, and without using such small needles for the ribbing (the pattern calls for using 3 sizes down for the ribbing, but I don’t like how much that pulls in.  One or two smaller would be plenty.)  I’m also probably going to add an inch or so in length – as written it’s only 13.5″ to the armholes, and I like mine closer to 15″.  I love the yarn, way more than I thought I would – it’s a very smooth knitting experience, but it still has some visual texture.

Bianca’s jacket is looking to work out, sizing wise.  It’s 2″ smaller than the pattern size small, which is what I want, but who can tell when I’ve just started?  I’m also planning on adding length to this sweater.  It’s written as a short jacket, but I think it would be more flattering a bit longer (although not too much – I like the swinginess.)

Other knitting news today: the Fall Knitty is live (but I bet you knew that already!)  I am not generally a huge fan of knitty – I often don’t “get” their sweater patterns, and there are a lot of socks.  I think this is a really solid issue though.  I like Hermia and Anne Shirley, although I don’t know if I will actually make either.

If I were to make Hermia I would have to do some modifications, but I think that it could be cute with some mods for my short waist and skinny arms.  I love the yarn the sample is knit in, which is probably a lot of my attraction, since I usually don’t like things that require lots of mods. I really have to get over my scarf problem  – I love to wear them, but I get so incredibly bored making them that I can only seem to get through easy stitch patterns with big yarns.  It’s the same sort of issue I have with socks – I love wearing them, but I feel like I’m stealing time away from my sweaters when I make them, so it takes me ages to make a pair anymore.  Maybe I could make this scarf from a bigger yarn?  It would have a different look, but I bet it would still be nice!

And finally, we have the preview for the Fall Interweave Crochet.  I have not been a fan of the last few issues, but this one is fab (surprising since I think of crochet as a summer sort of craft!)  I’m a big fan of the stitch pattern on this jacket.

I am trying to think of a yarn sub from my stash.  I also love this pullover.

The only reason I didn’t immediately hoard the yarn for this one is that I can’t think of a great sub for the alpaca offhand (boo for being allergic to alpaca!)

Also cute:

But I’m not doing short sleeves anymore (I don’t wear them) and I look like a little girl wearing big sweatercoats, as much as I love them!

13 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. yeah, i too thought that knitty was a solid issue, and yet…i can’t pick out one thing that i really want to knit from it. i think that all of the socks are great patterns, but i’m just so overloaded with sock patterns.

    i really like the yoked sweater in IC as well, but i’m not sure i like it enough to buy the issue.

    i love that green tweed yarn.

  2. Just a tip re: Bianca’s jacket. Add some short rows to the back if you can. I didn’t and I always feel like I have to tug it down a bit in back even though it’s not that short.

  3. Wow, that green yarn is delicious looking in a swath like that — though the swatch didn’t particularly appeal to me the other day. Must investigate what that is . . .

  4. I like Camden from the new Knitty, but I don’t really wear short sleeve sweaters either when I make them. Love that yoke sweater – that one is really cute – I can’t believe it’s crochet!!

  5. I love your blog!!
    You have received a Blue Ribbon! Come claim it on my blog.

    ~I have actually a supporter of your blog since you started blogging! Your knits are so pretty and they all look flattering on you. You’ve always been my inspiration! You deserve this ribbon!


  6. Your green yarn is fabulous! And I agree with you about Knitty – it’s always exciting to see what’s in it, plus of course the benefit of free patterns, and yet, I don’t think I’ll be making anything from this issue either.

    PS. I’ve nominated you for a Brilliant Blog award, details are on my blog.

  7. Well, perhaps you could just try and persuade the designer of Anne Shirley to send you the original because the colours will suit you perfectly (or me, for that matter!)

    With Hermia I think it would look good on you with a sleeve that stops a few inches after the elbow and a slight flare. That would also keep it true to the spirit of the design.

    I always find it interesting to read your blog because we have body types that are on opposite ends of the range but such similar colouring.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly about Interweave Crochet. I was so disappointed that I let my subscription lapse. But I won’t miss out on the goodies this time – fall 08 will be my last issue before my subscription runs out. It’s looking good. That jacket is Robyn Chachula, isn’t it? I usually really like her stuff. Love your February Lady Sweater, by the way! I strongly considered using Dream in Color for mine.

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