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Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Ok, so it was a week ago… but I’ve been busy!  My second year of blogging has passed, and I love it as much as ever!  I thought I would try to turn last year’s feature into a tradition… one where I talk about how various yarns have held up in the sweaters I’ve made this year.

1.  Printed Silk Cardigan in Frog Tree Pima Silk – I get a lot of nice compliments on this sweater.  The yarn has stretched a bit, but nothing you wouldn’t expect for a cotton/silk blend.  It’s nice and cool and light.  I might not use this yarn again because of the splittiness (the memory has not yet faded) but so far it is holding up well!

2. Juliet in Cotton Fleece: One of my most favorite sweaters.  I love the swingy shape that’s so popular right now.  This color of cotton fleece has faded a bit – it’s more peach than terra cotta, but I still love it!

3.Green Gable in Knitpicks Comfy –  I don’t wear this so often, because even though I added 2.5 inches to the body it’s still way short.  The yarn itself is holding up ok – a little fuzzy maybe – but the real problem is that it catches every piece of lint in a room.  It was lovely to work with, but I have concerns about it long term, so I wouldn’t use it again.

4. Thermal in Knitpicks Gloss – Everything they say about Gloss is true – it stretches insanely upon washing.  I made my sweater too small, and now it’s a bit big, but it is lovely and warm, and I like to wear it on cold days.  The yarn otherwise is holding up great – no pilling, and the color has stayed true through washing.

5. Tree Jacket in Valley Yarns Colrain –  I love this sweater – it’s unusual but not crazy looking.  Colrain is one of my true yarn loves – soft and shiny, and it holds up great!  My sweater has no pilling, and I wore this all the time last winter.  It does attract lint thought, but not too bad.

6. Tuxedo top in Berroco Naturlin – Like knitting with twine, but the results are so worth it.  I don’t wear this much because I’m always cold, but whenever I do it makes me so happy!  The yarn gets softer with every wear, just like they say with linen.

7. Briar Rose in Moda Dea Fashionista – The only sweater here that I do not wear.  I cannot seem to figure out what to wear it with, and the yarn  is pilling badly after only a few outings.  It was strange to knit with, and I cannot recommend it for garments (but I bet it would make a lovely soft blanket!)


1. Something Red in Blue Sky cotton – Sometimes you have to learn for yourself – for instance, I had to learn that this yarn really does wear as badly as they say.  I have worn this a lot (I always get tons of compliments on it) and it’s stretched out and really worn looking.  I could live with the wear if only it would stop stretching – at this point it is far wider in the shoulders than I am.

2. Flutter Sleeve Cardigan in O Wool Balance –  I wanted to try this yarn forever.  It was a bit rustic to knit with – papery and full of twigs.  But the sweater is great – lightweight and soft, and it holds its shape well.  I find short sleeved cardigans hard to wear (as I said, I am a cold person!) but this is my favorite!

3.  Vest Evereste in Cascade 220 heather – I love vests, why don’t I knit more?  I will have to make one this winter (Victoria from the new Kim Hargreaves is first.)  This vest has held up wonderfully – it has not stretched, and the yarn looks like new.  I’m planning to knit Forecast with Cascade 220 this year, since this was such a success.

4.  Comfy Cardi in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino –  I didn’t love this when it was done, but to my surprise it is one of my favorite sweaters now.  I love Baby Cashmerino.  It’s more tightly twisted than the other cashmerinos, and it does not pill a bit.  I’m planning to knit Ripple, from Kim Hargreaves Nectar, from this yarn.

5. Gathered Pullover in Naturespun Sport –  I love the color and the sleeves fit me perfectly, but I do wish I had made the body with a normal hem – I am always pulling at the rolled bottom.  Ah well – I wear it all the time.  It has not stretched or pilled, surprising for a cheap yarn knit at a loose gauge.

6. Emily in Venezia Worsted – This sweater is so luxurious – the silk yarn has a nice weight and drape and the color is beautiful!  It has not pilled, although I am careful with it because of the silk content.  It stretches a bit, to be expected with wool/silk blends, but it’s still one of my favorites.  I do love this yarn, and I thought the price was very good

7. Central ParkHoodie in Kathmandu Aran – My favorite sweater, hands down.  I must have worn this three times a week last winter.  I know some people think the yarn is too rustic, but I didn’t find it to be too bad – I thought it was quite soft, if not a smooth knitting experience.  It has not pilled, and it has not stretched.  I am planning two knits this winter out of this, one of my favorite yarns (28 Thirty and Bianca’s Jacket.)  I am all about a soft tweed!


This year I have tried more complicated techniques – twisted stitches, cables, and lace. I have two sweaters nearly finished now, to make up for my slowness during the move.  I hope the information on the yarn is useful to you all, I know I often wish I could know how a yarn does over time!

If you’ve read this far, here is a preview of the new color of our guest room (previously painted ceiling white everywhere with a hideous built in shelf.)

It’s a tad brighter in real life, a true french blue that I chose because it matches the french blue in my babette blanket (which will live in here as soon as I finish it!)

29 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

  1. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! I really enjoy your blog and seeing all your knits and home renos. Your colour sense is really wonderful. What’s the actual colour name/brand of the paint you used for your guest room? My daughter would love it in her room too.

  2. Thank you for all of the info! There were a few yarns that you have used that I was wondering if they held up alright! I really want to try the Queensland Kathmandu – sounds like it will last! And it’s so pretty!

  3. Happy blogiversary (that is such a weird word, isn’t it?). You have been so productive. I love the idea of a “where are they now” post like this and all the info is so helpful! Some of your fav yarns are mine too–Kathmandu, Venezia Worsted, and Cascade 220. Good stuff!

  4. Thank you so much for all of the info — I’ve been considering Thermal for a long, long time, and while the price of Gloss is appealing, I’ve been worried about how it will wear (if I’m going to knit a sweater out of fingering-weight yarn, it better hold up well!). I’m very glad to hear about the Kathmandu Aran — I bought a bunch of it on closeout to make Demi!

  5. happy blogiversary! thanks for the reviews…especially good to know about the colrain! as with last years, I am wildly impressed at how prolific you are 🙂

  6. i do enjoy this little tradition of yours – often the project doesnt stand up to the test of time, and this is a great way to showcase it.

    Love the colour you’ve painted the room. It’s the colour I had as my feature wall in my old house.

  7. Love the yarn reviews! I was thrilled to hear that Colrain held up nicely, since I’m thinking about using it for a sweater soon. What color is that? It’s gorgeous!

  8. Wow, happy anniversary! Thanks for giving details on all the sweaters, I’ll keep it in mind when i buy yarn for my next sweater. Your projects are beautiful and you sure are a productive knitter.

  9. I always enjoy these kinds of updates, and it’s such an inspiration, too. 🙂 You must look a bit like a rainbow in real life! I really am envious of all those colours, I have a tendency to stick to the same colours when I buy yarn…
    Sounds like the Kathmandu is worth springing for at some point.. I want to make the CPH out of that as well. 😛 But my recent experience with Peace Fleece (hate!) is keeping me away from tweeds.

    It just hit me that I remember your last blogversary (or however it’s spelled) – I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now?? Man, time flies…!

  10. You made all those sweaters just this year? Wow! You must be an incredibly speedy knitter. That’s amazing! They’re all very pretty. I love the colors too. 🙂

    Happy Blogiversary! 🙂

  11. hello! I just found your blog and am in love with your house! I am waiting for the day when I can have a neat old house to unleash creativity upon. 🙂 It’s also great to find another knitter who lives for fall knitting. I wait all year for fall! Please keep blogging. 🙂

  12. such beautiful paint and even more beautiful sweaters, it only makes me wish I could as productive a knitter as you!

  13. Happy Blogiversary!

    Are you surprised by how many sweaters you’ve done this year? They all look great, too. Thanks for the yarn review. I’ve had some sad experiences with yarns that didn’t hold up well, so it’s great to get this sort of info.

  14. It’s so useful to have your feedback on how yarns have fared through wearing and washing! thanks for putting in the effort to let us all know how your projects have held up, and well done for completing so many!!

  15. What a great blog entry!! You should be featured in a Ravelry newsletter or something. This kind of information is so valuable and I’m actually going to make purchases this year according to how your sweaters have worn. Thanks so much!

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