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Where I’ve been…

There is still no sign of my extra yarn for Honey, so I’ve been knitting on the February Lady sweater instead.  I actually knitted the yoke twice, because the first time it was too small.  It’s still on the small side, but I think this yarn (based on my swatch) will get bigger once I block it.

Underneath the sweater you can see another project… I took my Ikea coffee table and cut sparkley scrap book papers to fit all the inserts.  It used to have legos in it, but they were always getting dusty, which made me nuts.  Plus… sparkles!  Who doesn’t love sparkles?

On Thursday we had my piano delivered.

I am in love!  I have been relearning some Chopin waltzes these past days, so that I can play one for one of Marc’s friends who specifically requested one.  The piano was a big hit at our housewarming party, which we had last night.  We had at least 5 pianists here, not including me, and it got quite a workout!

Somehow I don’t have any photos from during the party that turned out, but it went really well – lots of compliments on the paint colors, especially the dining room, and they actually managed to eat up the insane amount of food that I made!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported my crazy house fixing so far – we are so happy here, and at times I can’t believe we actually finally found a house that was so perfect, and that we actually live there!

Leon?  He’s just in it for the gift(bag)s!