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Kitchen painting, and yes I’m still thinking about fall!

My excitement of the day is that I set up an appointment with the piano movers, and my piano is coming to our house on next Thursday!  It’s been a good eight years since I was able to have a piano in my house, and I’m so excited I could cry (um… that’s what I do when I’m excited, apparently.)

We also got the kitchen painted.  It took three coats, and I did not prime, since the previous owners painted right before we moved in.  I didn’t think it made a difference in terms of coverage, which I thought was pretty good for a dark red!

We went from this…

To this:

I love the color so much, it’s really helped with my perception of the kitchen (of course, the kitchen is still awful if you open any of the cabinets, but it looks great from the outside!)

The job was not without it’s “why did they do that” moments, as is the case with every room in an old house.  In this case, we wondered why the owners left their telephone on the wall when they moved.

The answer became apparent when the wall was viewed from behind (this is inside a closet.)

Yes, a big old hole in the wall for the phone line, and not one, not two, but three anchor screws for the phone, which Marc and I now refer to as “the wold’s heaviest telephone.” We were lucky to be able to get at the screws from the back, I suppose, but there was plenty of patching going on after we took the phone down.  I solved the problem of a patch in a visible place by hanging my first picture in the new house!

Please ignore the wavy edging… this house has no straight lines, and this trim has many layers of paint and caulk.

Our condo had plaster walls.  I was amazed at how easy it was to hang a picture in the drywall!  This room has a large empty wall by the stairs (if we were eating in the kitchen I suppose we would put a table there, but we aren’t.)  I’ve decided to take photos of some local landmarks in black and white, and hang them all together in similar frames.  This will go with the photo above, which is of a tiny little park near our house.

And… with this room all the painting in the downstairs is finished!  It took us about a month to paint four rooms, two of which were wallpapered, and one that included a stairwell.  We are having a house warming party at the end of next week, and I hope to have the living room painted by then.  The bedrooms and the big bathroom will happen shortly after that is over.  I am on vacation until September 8th, so I’m really hoping to be mostly done by the time I start teaching again.

As a reward for finishing the first floor, I went ahead and ordered the new Kim Hargreaves book.  There are several sweaters and a hat I want to make.  I love her designs – she even makes chunky knits look elegant!

I have been obsessed with that first sweater for awhile.  I plan to use Reynolds Whiskey, which I already own.  I have kid classic in a light gray for the vest, and enough light blue 4-ply soft to make the hat.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have been on a yarn buying hiatus for quite awhile, waiting to sell the condo, so I am trying not to buy.  I do love those coats though, in big wool and cashsoft chunky.

I also bought the new Rowan Mag, because I am not on a pattern buying hiatus, and I’m going to make the lamour slipover out of wool cotton from stash, and possibly the grable tunic, although I don’t know that I have a yarn for that…

(I think the styling on both these sweaters is awful, and neither looks the correct size for the model (isn’t she lovely?) but I like them anyway!)

I may allow myself yarn for grable, but we will see… it is expensive to move a grand piano, let me tell you!

12 thoughts on “Kitchen painting, and yes I’m still thinking about fall!

  1. The previous owners of my house did that too! There were HUGE drywall anchors all over the walls, and they apparently weren’t holding up anything heavier than a standard picture frame. And of course they just left them there for me to deal with!

  2. When I get a chance I will post pictures, but we just redid the bathroom in our house…I learned the COOLEST trick on the planet for trim paint!! (I call it “worth the price of admission” because of what we paid my brother in law to help us with this project)

    Anyway, it sounds like it is way more trouble than it’s worth but seriously it’s not. I am what I considered to be a master cutter when it came to painting trim, but now I feel like I could hire myself out~ The area that needs to be cut gets a line of gently placed paint tape. The blue stuff. Then you put a finely smeared line of caulk. Don’t wait for the caulk to dry, but gently paint the edge without gouging into the caulk. Peel off the tape and you will have the most perfect line of paint, on even the most difficult of drywall patterns.

    I have a bit more to do, and will post step by step pics soon. I am the queen of frugal when it comes to economy of motion, money or time so when I say the work is worth it, I’m not kidding.

    Love your colors!!

  3. I love, love, love your dark red walls with the white trim. It is breathtakingly gorgeous. Don’t you just smile walking through the rooms? How cool that you’re getting your piano delivered. I always wished that I had learned to play. Did 4 years of cello and some guitar instead. I am just finishing knitting a poncho for my sister whose birthday is 2 weeks from today. It is the Desert Poncho on the Lion Brand website, although I couldn’t afford to do it in the suede yarn. It is going to be gorgeous after I get done doing all the fringe. Keep knitting!!!

  4. The red is spectacular! Great choice. Definitely knit the Olivia sweater. . I did it in brown tweed and I love it. It is an extremely easy knit.

  5. you are inspiring me to start redecorating my house. your colors are gorgeous! and the sweaters are quite nice. i look forward to seeing which ones you knit!!


  6. Fabulous color! I can’t wait ’til I have a real job and a house I can paint wondrous colors:) Thanks for the head-up on the new Kim Hargreaves book! I had no idea.

  7. just wondering, what is the name of the book? Im looking for it and i cant find it 😦 I really love the pictures you showed!

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