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Honey and chartreuse

I’ve finished the back of Honey, and I’m nearly finished with one sleeve (the sleeves are 3/4 length, but they start out with a lot of stitches to produce a little puff.)  I’m still loving this knit, and a little nervous about yarn amounts.  I have the amount the pattern calls for, but the back took an awful lot of yarn!

The bust came out to 34″, same as the smallest size in the pattern.  It occurs to me that this is similar to the nantucket jacket, which looked like doodoo on me, but I think this pattern is going to be more flattering – the decreases are more gradual, the shoulders are more narrow, and the sleeves aren’t tight.

In the meantime we have finished painting the foyer and the hallway.  These photos are a little dark, but I didn’t want to distort the color.  It’s a little brighter in there actually.

About the paint I’m using: all of the paints in the house, except for the parlor (which was a custom color) are full spectrum paints, specifically Ellen Kennon paints.  This means that they contain more different pigments than traditional colors, and tend to avoid using black pigment.  Some people can see a difference, some cant’t, and the idea is a little controversial.  I can see a difference, and I think they are worth it (the paints I’m using are a little cheaper than the really nice paint I was going to use at benjamin moore anyway, and the store is down the street from my house)I find that they look extremely different under different lights.  The photo above shows two walls painted in the same paint, but because they are getting light from different directions they look like different colors.  At night they look the same.  I love this effect, because the color is always changing.  This color, called chartreuse, is alternately a celery green, dark gold, or medium tan, depending on the light.

Next to the fireplace with southern exposure it looks green, but at night this wall is a deep beautiful gold.

Did you know we have push button lights?

The foyer and our bedroom both still have push buttons, and I like them so much that I’m replacing several other switches with new push buttons, since they were probably that way originally.  This fixture actually needs to be replaced with new push buttons(the switches are really worn), but for now I replaced the old one after painting.

Finally, meet my new best friend:

On clearance at Target, ready to suck up giant balls of cat hair and wallpaper dust(and large amounts of dirt… I’m not sure the previous owners knew how to clean.)

10 thoughts on “Honey and chartreuse

  1. love the sweater so far–the cables are really popping. So freaking jealous of your Dyson by the way–what I wouldn’t give for one of those…:)

  2. Loving the sweater! Looks great!. . . .you’ve been busy!

    Walls look great also . .really brings out the fireplace.

    Dyson. . .there are no words. . .my husband about had a fit when I bought it. . then when we got it home we were fighting over who got to vacumn! Worth every cent!

  3. Love my Dyson! My husband bought it for me after I refused to spend the money, and he was very, very careful to tell me it wasn’t a present (I have issues with getting household appliances as gifts. Old childhood trauma about the food processor my father gave my mother for Christmas one year.)

  4. I love the paint and how it ‘changes’ colour. And I’m curious how the sweater will look like when finished 🙂
    Congratulations with your new home 🙂 Sounds so exciting. Oh I want push button switches too!

  5. Oh … push buttons! I wish I still had mine. (sigh) I still have my radiators, though.

    I’ve been reading your blog for months. I can’t believe how fast you can crank out such pretty projects.

    Good luck with the remodeling!

  6. Hey, I have the same vacuum cleaner!! I have to vouch that this is, hands down, the absolute best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned in 30 years of housekeeping after 3 messy kids and hubby, lots of furry pets, and tons of thread and pins from the sewing room floor. Good luck with your new house. I love the wall colors. You’ve done great knitting, and so much of it that I wonder if you are a superhero?!? 🙂 Knit on!

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