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New projects are exciting!

I have started the back of Honey, and so far it’s love at first sight.  I still can’t believe how great the stitch definition is with All Seasons Cotton, and the stitch pattern is fun and easy.  The best part? The WS rows are knitted rather than purled, making this a quick knit in spite of all the cables!  It looks like it’s going to fit with 0″ ease either direction, which is fine with me.

It’s a good distraction from my house discovery of the week.  Sometime in the 70s the plaster was removed from the house, and drywall was installed.  They didn’t do a great job, but it’s liveable.  Around the fireplace in the foyer though (the green one) they tried to fill the gap between the fireplace and the wall with drywall mud and newspapers.  When we removed the wallpaper all that came crumbling out of the crack, and now I have to repair the damage.  Ah well… I have instructions from my Dad, and I’m sure I can follow them well enough!

After the foyer is finished I will either move to the kitchen or the living room.  I’m trying to postpone a kitchen remodel for awhile, and I suspect if it were painted a less awful color (currently: butter yellow) I might like it better.   We will see…

11 thoughts on “New projects are exciting!

  1. I love the color of that yarn. Good luck with the drywalling, it isn’t as scary as it seems. I did the taping, filling, and sanding in our bathroom myself and even the bathfitter guy said it was a good job. Beware the dust though, I looked like a bag of flour had exploded on me when I got out of there!

  2. What a lovely knit. Amazing how people patch holes and then cover it with wallpaper to hold it in, we’ve found some really odd things too. Paint the kitchen soon, you’ll feel better.

  3. Good luck with the all the remodeling! I’m enjoying seeing your cool old house and how you are beautifying it.

    I’m glad to hear that Honey is a quick knit. I was all set to make that one, but lost motivation when I got pregnant and knew I wouldn’t be able to wear it this winter. It’s a gorgeous pattern though.

  4. Drywall mud and newspapers, eh? That’s not bad. Kind of an interesting approach, and I like to give credit for interesting. My kitchen plumbing is held in place by an old scrub brush wedged under the main pipe. That “repair” is circa 1980, and it seems to work, so I haven’t messed with it in the nine years we’ve been here.

  5. Your honey looks gorgeous so far. Which color of the all seasons cotton are you using? I tried to find some online and didn’t see anything that looked remotely like yours. It looks sort of like a cedar green kind of color–am I right?

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