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Fall knitting yay!

Around late July I usually get tried of summer knitting, and I’ve finally gotten there this year!  This year has convinced me of the supreme uselessness of short sleeved cardigans – they may be cute, but I am guaranteed to be freezing in the air conditioning.  And… I’ve finally gotten my yarn out of storage, as of yesterday, just in time for the Fall kniting magazines to come out!  First though, I’ve started a new cardigan, Tempest from Knitty.

Sorry for the lousy picture, but it’s rolling like mad.  I’m using Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn, a fabulous mohair/wool blend that is just too nice for my feet!  This is coming out a little small, so I’m thinking about ripping the little bit I’ve got and starting over on a size larger needles (that comes out a little big, but I can knit a smaller size – because this pattern has such a great range that for once I’m not the smallest!)  I may also go ahead and knit a hem now, because I don’t want to pick it up later.  I’m also a little worried about the colors being crazy, but I do love them.  I’ve just never knitted a sweater with variegated yarn, even though this is subtle (it is two colors striped.)

First let’s talk about Knitscene, which I walked to the Knit Nook on a day when it hit 100 degrees to buy (such is my fall knitting dedication!)  I think it’s a fabulous issue – I have made several sweaters from previous Knitscene mags, but lately they had been leaving me cold.  This issue has 4 sweaters that I love!

The first is Connie’s Riding to Avalon.  I love lightweight hoodies, and I love button details.  The DK gauge isn’t too small, and I think it wants to be made from the indigo dk wool I have been hoarding for over a year now!  The 2nd is the Opulant Raglan, by Wendy Bernard.  I can’t wait for her book to come out this fall, her designs are always wearable!  I love the caftan dress, but I also cannot imagine how much stockinette that is, so unless I am gifted with a knitting machine I will pass.  The last is the bordeaux jacket, an adorable asymmetrical crocheted jacket.  I’m definitely making this, I can see wearing it often!

The next magazine to release a preview is Interweave Knits.  I have made so many things from this magazine, and I have really enjoyed it in the past year, but this issue is not really for me.  There are too many jackets that would not flatter me, and not enough fitted sweaters, and what is fitted is not my style.  I know the trend is towards larger knits, but this is not a trend that will work on me.  Having said that, the vests are adorable and will probably be knit (I love vests!) and I also really like Eunny’s stole (although I bet it is super boring to knit!)

Finally, Rowan has released Rowan magazine 44. I disliked 43 so much that I sold my copy after a week, but there are quite a few designs I like in the new magazine.  It has 3 stories, but one of those is just variations on the other 2.  I only like one of the other stories, Nostalgia, but I really love it.

Dear Rowan: This is what you should be doing.  Not all the crazy “Wood nymphs lounging around in giant tunics” patterns you have been publishing lately.  You should publish lovely detailed designs that flatter women.

I may be biased, as I try as much as possible to dress like it’s still the 1940s, but I want to knit every sweater from this story.  Kim Hargreaves will also be releasing two books this fall, and I am also very excited about those, although I have stalled on “Joy” again, and I’m not sure it will be finished.  I love the sweater, but the way the pattern is written is making me batty, and there are several others in Nectar that I want to make, including “Ripple,” now that I have my baby cashmerino back in my house.

Tonight we are priming the music room for paint (almost there, yay!) and I will be restarting tempest, unless I get tempted by something else.

10 thoughts on “Fall knitting yay!

  1. I’ve just been looking at preview pics of Rowan today too. Like you, I hated the last one, I don’t think there was a single thing I wanted to make for it. But I got quite excited about all the vintagey things in this issue, and ordered a copy today. Yay for autumn knitting!

  2. I sure admire your ability to remain balanced. Knitting between painting and decorating…I sure wish I had a little of your moderation and ability to compartmentalize! You seem to get a ton accomplished in a day without letting everything else fall apart!

  3. I really enjoyed your post Like you I love when the fall patterns come out and I love the new Rowan but for the first time in ages don’t heart the new Interweave. Will probably buy it anyway! My lovely boyfriend surprised me with the new Rowan!

    Really looking forward to seeng what you knit from Rowan.

  4. As usual, we have the same reactions to magazines. LOVE the new Knitscene (and usually I do NOT like that magazine) and I like all the same patterns you do, with the addition of a few more. Wasn’t happy at all with the new IK preview and I doubt I will knit anything from it. Didn’t care for Rowan 43 (though I kept it as I collect them) but can’t wait to see 44! It should be arriving any day now.

  5. I’m so excited about the knitscene issue, too- there are so many great sweaters I’m dying to knit, most of which are the ones you listed above!

  6. I hope Knitting Daily makes the “Riding to Avalon” hoodie available as a downloadable PDF.. They probably will, as it’s seems to be very popular. The magazine is full of nice knits, but it’s too expensive for me to buy this time around when I’m not certain there are several things I’d knit. The shipping costs more than the magazine, so I’ll have to pass on that one!

    I like the IK preview – I like my clothing more fitted as well, but I’m wowed by the vests, and I don’t *wear* vests.. I might just have to start now! 😉 And I get IK anyway as a subscription, so it’s already paid for. I like that!

    The Rowan 44 is also gorgeous, and I love the vintage knits, but sadly they’re not really my style. 😦 I’d feel weird in something that looked too vintage.. There are a lot of beautiful designs, though. *sigh*

    I love fall knitting too. It’s the proper knitting season. 😛 Soon all the free e-zines will be coming out with their fall issues too!!

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